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2021Aerosols from speaking can linger in the air for up to nine hoursDing, Shirun; Teo, Zhen Wei; Wan, Man Pun; Ng, Bing Feng
2021Flow behavior of skewed vortex generators on a backward-facing rampCheawchan, Atcha-uea; Wen, Yiming; Teo, Zhen Wei; Ng, Bing Feng; New, Tze How
2021Performance augmentation mechanism of tandem flapping foils with stroke time-asymmetryWang, Guangjian; Ng, Bing Feng; Teo, Zhen Wei; Lua, Kim Boon; Bao, Yan
2016Wind Tunnel Testing Of A Joined-wing Aircraft Model With Additive Manufactured ComponentsTeo, Zhen Wei; New, Tze How; Ong, Z. A.; Nagel, B.; Gollnick, V.; Pfeiffer, T.; Li, S.