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 2018Pure and cobalt-substituted zinc-ferrite magnetic ceramics for supercapacitor applicationsRani, B. Jansi; Ravi, G.; Yuvakkumar, R.; Ganesh, V.; Ravichandran, S.; Thambidurai, Mariyappan; Rajalakshmi, A. P.; Sakunthala, A.
2018Role of NaOH concentration on synthesis and characterization of β-V2O5 nanorods by solvothermal methodSaravanakumar, B.; Selvam, C.; Ravi, G.; Thambidurai, Mariyappan; Yuvakkumar, R.
2018Solvothermal synthesis of Bi2S3 nanoparticles and nanorods towards solar cell applicationArumugam, J.; Raj, A. Dhayal; Irudayaraj, A. Albert; Thambidurai, Mariyappan
2018Structural, morphological and optical properties of CdO nanostructures synthesized by chemical bath deposition methodThambidurai, Mariyappan; Dang, Cuong