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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Fragment Screening of Human Aquaporin 1To, Janet; Torres, Jaume
 2011Identification of residues involved in water versus glycerol selectivity in aquaporins by differential residue pair co-evolutionLin, Xin; Hong, Tian; Mu, Yuguang; Torres, Jaume
2014Inhibition of the human respiratory syncytial virus small hydrophobic protein and structural variations in a bicelle environmentLi, Yan; To, Janet; Verdià-Baguena, Carmina; Dossena, Silvia; Surya, Wahyu; Huang, Mei; Paulmichi, Markus; Liu, Ding Xiang; Aguilella, Vicente M.; Torres, Jaume
2015Interaction between human BAP31 and respiratory syncytial virus small hydrophobic (SH) proteinLi, Yan; Jain, Neeraj; Limpanawat, Suweeraya; To, Janet; Quistgaard, Esben M.; Nordlund, Par; Thanabalu, Thirumaran; Torres, Jaume
2016Lipodisks integrated with weak affinity chromatography enable fragment screening of integral membrane proteinsDuong-Thi, Minh-Dao; Bergström, Maria; Edwards, Katarina; Eriksson, Jonny; Ohlson, Sten; To Yiu Ying, Janet; Torres, Jaume; Agmo Hernández, Víctor
 2015Nucleophilic β-carbon activation of propionic acid as a 3-carbon synthon by carbene organocatalysisChi, Robin Yonggui; Jin, Zhichao; Jiang, Ke; Fu, Zhenqian; Torres, Jaume; Zheng, Pengcheng; Yang, Song; Song, Bao-An
2022Optimization of aquaporin loading for performance enhancement of aquaporin-based biomimetic thin-film composite membranesZhao, Yang ; Li, Xuesong; Wei, Jing; Torres, Jaume; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.
2015Pentameric viral ion channels : from structure to functionSurya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume
 2012Population shift between the open and closed states changes the water permeability of an aquaporin Z mutantXin, Lin; Hélix-Nielsen, Claus; Su, Haibin; Torres, Jaume; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Mu, Yuguang
 2021Positive cooperativity in the activation of E. coli aquaporin Z by cardiolipin: potential for lipid-based aquaporin modulatorsTan, Cephas Li-Jie; Torres, Jaume
2013Preparation of high performance nanofiltration (NF) membranes incorporated with aquaporin ZWicaksana, Filicia; Li, Xuesong; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Torres, Jaume; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2012Preparation of supported lipid membranes for aquaporin Z incorporationLi, Xuesong; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Vararattanavech, Ardcharaporn; Zhao, Yang; Torres, Jaume; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2015Protein-protein interactions of viroporins in coronaviruses and paramyxoviruses : new targets for antivirals?Torres, Jaume; Surya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Liu, Ding Xiang
 2022Proteoliposome-incorporated seawater reverse osmosis polyamide membrane: is the aquaporin water channel effect in improving membrane performance overestimated?Zhao, Yali; Wang, Yi-Ning; Lai, Gwo Sung; Torres, Jaume; Wang, Rong
2015Sedimentation Equilibrium of a Small Oligomer-forming Membrane Protein: Effect of Histidine Protonation on Pentameric StabilitySurya, Wahyu; Torres, Jaume
2014Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus envelope protein ion channel activity promotes virus fitness and pathogenesisVerdiá-Báguena, Carmina; Castaño-Rodriguez, Carlos; Alcaraz, Antonio; Torres, Jaume; Enjuanes, Luis; Fernandez-Delgado, Raul; Nieto-Torres, Jose L.; DeDiego, Marta L.; Jimenez-Guardeño, Jose M.; Regla-Nava, Jose A.; Aguilella, Vicente M.
 2012The small hydrophobic protein of the human respiratory syncytial virus forms pentameric ion channelsGan, Siok-Wan; Tan, Edward; Lin, Xin; Yu, Dejie; Wang, Juejin; Tan, Gregory Ming-Yeong; Vararattanavech, Ardcharaporn; Yeo, Chiew Ying; Soon, Cin Huang; Soong, Tuck Wah; Pervushin, Konstantin; Torres, Jaume
2018Structural model of the SARS coronavirus E channel in LMPG micellesSurya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume
2014Structure of a conserved Golgi complex-targeting signal in coronavirus envelope proteinsLi, Yan; Surya, Wahyu; Claudine, Stephanie; Torres, Jaume
 2012Structure, activity and interactions of the cysteine deleted analog of tachyplesin-1 with lipopolysaccharide micelle : mechanistic insights into outer-membrane permeabilization and endotoxin neutralizationSaravanan, Rathi; Mohanram, Harini; Joshi, Mangesh; Torres, Jaume; Ruedl, Christiane; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Domadia, Prerna N.