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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Unravelling the significance of catalyst reduction stage for high tar reforming activity in the presence of syngas impuritiesDara Khairunnisa Mohamed; Veksha, Andrei; Quan Luu Manh Ha; Lim, Teik-Thye; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2021Upcycling of exhausted reverse osmosis membranes into value-added pyrolysis products and carbon dotsLiang, Lili; Veksha, Andrei; Muhammad Zahin Mohamed Amrad; Snyder, Shane Allen; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2017Upgrading of non-condensable pyrolysis gas from mixed plastics through catalytic decomposition and dechlorinationVeksha, Andrei; Giannis, Apostolos; Oh, Wen-Da; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2022Upgrading waste plastic derived pyrolysis gas via chemical looping cracking–gasification using Ni–Fe–Al redox catalystsHuang, Jijiang; Veksha, Andrei; Foo, Thaddeus Jin Jun; Lisak, Grzegorz