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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Sensitivity study of weather research and forecasting physical schemes and evaluation of cool coating effects in Singapore by weather research and forecasting coupled with urban canopy model simulationsZhou, Mandi; Long, Yongping; Zhang, Xiaoqin; Donthu, Eswara V. S. K. K.; Ng, Bing Feng; Wan, Man Pun
2018A state-space thermal model incorporating humidity and thermal comfort for model predictive control in buildingsYang, Shiyu; Wan, Man Pun; Ng, Bing Feng; Zhang, Tian; Babu, Sushanth; Zhang, Zhe; Chen, Wanyu; Dubey, Swapnil
2017Statistical analysis of fine particle resuspension from rough surfaces by turbulent flowsYou, Siming; Wan, Man Pun