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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Fault detection isolation and estimation in a vehicle steering systemYu, Ming; Arogeti, Shai A.; Wang, Danwei; Low, Chang Boon
 2012Fault detection, isolation and identification for hybrid systems with unknown mode changes and fault patternsYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei; Luo, Ming; Zhang, Danhong; Chen, Qijun
 2014Fault diagnosis for satellite attitude control systems with four flywheelsWang, Zhenhua; Shen, Yi; Zhang, Xiaolei; Wang, Danwei
2013Fractional describing function analysis of PWPF modulatorWang, Xinsheng; Wang, Danwei; Zhu, Senqiang; Poh, Eng Kee
 2012A general parallel structure repetitive control scheme for multiphase DC–AC PWM convertersLu, Wenzhou; Zhou, Keliang; Wang, Danwei; Cheng, Ming
 2013Ground target tracking using UAV with input constraintsZhu, Senqiang; Wang, Danwei; Low, Chang Boon
2012A hierarchical approach to the multi-vehicle slam problemDiluka, Moratuwage; Vo, Ba-Ngu; Wang, Danwei
2018Hierarchical probabilistic fusion framework for matching and merging of 3-D occupancy mapsYue, Yufeng; Senarathne, P. G. C. Namal; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
 2012IGBT fault detection for three phase motor drives using neural networksAlavi, Marjan; Luo, Ming; Wang, Danwei; Bai, Haonan
2014Influence of active subsystems on electric vehicle behavior and energy characteristicsShyrokau, Barys; Savitski, Dzmitry; Wang, Danwei
2015Integral-type sliding mode fault-tolerant control for attitude stabilization of spacecraftZhu, Senqiang; Shen, Qiang; Wang, Danwei; Poh, Eng Kee
2016Iterative tuning strategy for setting phase splits with anticipation of traffic demand in urban traffic networkWang, Yu; Wang, Danwei; Jin, Shangtai; Xiao, Nan; Li, Yitong; Frazzoli, Emilio
2018Knowledge-based multimodal information fusion for role recognition and situation assessment by using mobile robotYang, Chule; Wang, Danwei; Zeng, Yijie; Yue, Yufeng; Siritanawan, Prarinya
2012Locomotion control of quadruped robots based on workspace trajectory modulationsWang, Danwei; Liu, Chengju J.; Chen, Qijun J.
 2012Mobile robot ego motion estimation using RANSAC-based ceiling visionWang, Han; Mou, Wei; Ly, Minh Hiep; Lau, Michael Wai Shing; Seet Gim Lee, Gerald; Wang, Danwei
 2012Mode tracking and diagnosis of hybrid systems, an integrated approachArogeti, Shai A.; Levy, Rami; Wang, Danwei
1996Model reference learning control for a class of nonlinear systemsCheah, Chien Chern.
2013Model-based health monitoring for a vehicle steering system with multiple faults of unknown typesYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei
 2012A new dynamical linearization based adaptive ILC for nonlinear discrete-time MIMO systemsChi, Ronghu; Hou, Zhongsheng; Jin, Shangtai; Wang, Danwei
 2012A new gain function for compact explorationSenarathne, P. G. C. N.; Wang, Danwei; Wang, Han