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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Phase based frequency domain design for iterative learning controlYe, Yongqiang.
2020Place recognition using line-junction-lines in urban environmentsTang, Xiaoyu; Fu, Wenhao; Jiang, Muyun; Peng, Guohao; Wu, Zhenyu; Yue, Yufeng; Wang, Danwei
2002Policy based management for internet Quality of ServiceChen, Ji Yin.
2018A practical leader-follower tracking control scheme for multiple nonholonomic mobile robots in unknown obstacle environmentsWang, Yuanzhe; Wang, Danwei; Yang, Shuai; Shan, Mao
 2012Prediction of multiple failures for a mobile robot steering systemYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei; Chen, Qijun
2019Probabilistic 3D semantic map fusion based on Bayesian ruleYue, Yufeng; Li, Ruilin; Zhao, Chunyang; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Peng, Guohao; Wu, Zhenyu; Wang, Danwei
2019Probabilistic reasoning for unique role recognition based on the fusion of semantic-interaction and spatio-temporal featuresYang, Chule; Yue, Yufeng; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
2004Quality optical measurement system for shiny jet engine turbine vanesBai, Songlin
 2018Rigid-body attitude stabilization with attitude and angular rate constraintsShen, Qiang; Yue, Chengfei; Goh, Cher Hiang; Wu, Baolin; Wang, Danwei
2017Robust attitude coordinated control for spacecraft formation with communication delaysHu, Qinglei; Wang, Danwei; Xie, Wenbo; Zhang, Jian
2002Robust full state tracking and ultimate exponential stabilization of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robotsXu, Guangyan.
2014A robust recurrent simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation training algorithm for recurrent neural networksSong, Qing; Xu, Zhao; Wang, Danwei
 2013A robust recurrent simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation training algorithm for recurrent neural networksXu, Zhao; Song, Qing; Wang, Danwei
2020RSAN : a retinex based self adaptive stereo matching network for day and night scenesZhang, Haoyuan; Chau, Lap-Pui; Wang, Danwei
 2012Sensor placement for fault diagnosis using genetic algorithmChi, Guoyi; Wang, Danwei; Yu, Ming; Alavi, Marjan; Le, Tung; Luo, Ming
 2012Sensor selection and placement using low complexity dynamic programmingChi, Guoyi; Le, Tung; Wang, Danwei; Yu, Ming; Luo, Ming
2001Simulations and comparison study of iterative learning control designsYu, Yufu.
 2019SLAT-Calib : extrinsic calibration between a sparse 3D LiDAR and a limited-FOV low-resolution thermal cameraZhang, Jun; Zhang, Ran; Yue, Yufeng; Yang, Chule; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Danwei
 2018Synergistic integrated design of an electrochemical mechanical polishing end-effector for robotic polishing applicationsAbd El Khalick Mohammad; Hong, Jie; Wang, Danwei; Guan, Yisheng
 2012Time-optimal reorientation for rigid satellite with reaction wheelsZhou, Hao; Wang, Danwei; Wu, Baolin; Poh, Eng Kee