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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Mass production of large-sized, nonlayered 2D nanosheets : their directed synthesis by a rapid "gel-blowing" strategy, and applications in Li/Na storage and catalysisWang, Dong; Zhou, Weiwei; Zhang, Rui; Zeng, Jinjue; Du, Yu; Qi, Shuai; Cong, Chunxiao; Ding, Chunyan; Huang, Xiaoxiao; Wen, Guangwu; Yu, Ting
2015Mechanics of soft composites under axial, torsional, shear and dilatational loadingsWang, Dong
2020Non-invasive optical focusing inside strongly scattering media with linear fluorescenceLi, Dayan; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Lam, Huy Quoc; Wang, Dong; Dang, Cuong
2013Nonlinear stress-strain behavior of carbon nanotube fibers subject to slow sustained strain rateSun, Gengzhi; Wang, Dong; Pang, John Hock Lye; Liu, Jun; Zheng, Lianxi
 2012Output feedback control of networked control systems with packet dropouts in both channelsWang, Dong; Wang, Jianliang; Wang, Wei
 2019A quiescent 407-nA output-capacitorless low-dropout regulator with 0-100-mA load current rangeJiang, Yushan; Wang, Dong; Chan, Pak Kwong
 2018Second-order continuous-time algorithm for optimal resource allocation in power systemsWang, Dong; Wang, Zhu; Wen, Changyun; Wang, Wei
2019Single-shot multi-view imaging enabled by scattering lensZhu, Xiangwen; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Wang, Dong; Lam, Huy Quoc; Surman, Philip Anthony; Li, Dayan; Dang, Cuong
 2020Utilizing multiple scattering effect for highly sensitive optical refractive index sensingTran, Vinh; Sahoo, Sujit K.; Wang, Dong; Dang, Cuong