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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012A mixed co-culture of mesenchymal stem cells and transgenic chondrocytes in alginate hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineeringZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Sandhya, Swaminathan; Wang, Dong-An
 2016Murine pluripotent stem cells derived scaffold-free cartilage grafts from a micro-cavitary hydrogel platformFu, Jiayin; Wang, Dong-An; He, Pengfei
 2016A mussel-inspired double-crosslinked tissue adhesive intended for internal medical useFan, Changjiang; Fu, Jiayin; Zhu, Wenzhen; Wang, Dong-An
 2017Novel β-TCP/PVA bilayered hydrogels with considerable physical and bio-functional properties for osteochondral repairYao, Hang; Kang, Junpei; Li, Weichang; Liu, Jian; Xie, Renjian; Wang, Yingjun; Liu, Sa; Wang, Dong-An; Ren, Li
2015Optimization of chondrocyte isolation and phenotype characterization for cartilage tissue engineeringLau, Ting Ting; Peck, Yvonne; Huang, Weiliang; Wang, Dong-An
2015A preclinical evaluation of an autologous living hyaline-like cartilaginous graft for articular cartilage repair: a pilot studyPeck, Yvonne; He, Pengfei; Chilla, Geetha Soujanya V. N.; Poh, Chueh Loo; Wang, Dong-An
2015Preparation and characterization of double macromolecular network (DMMN) hydrogels based on hyaluronan and high molecular weight poly(ethylene glycol)Fan, Changjiang; Zhang, Chao; Liao, Liqiong; Li, Sheng; Gan, Weiping; Zhou, Jinping; Wang, Dong-An; Liu, Lijian
2016Real-time and non-invasive monitoring of embryonic stem cell survival during the development of embryoid bodies with smart nanosensorFu, Jiayin; Wiraja, Christian; Chong, Ruiqi; Xu, Chenjie; Wang, Dong-An
2017Sustained releasing sponge-like 3D scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationsChamundeswari, Vidya Narasimhan; Lui, Yuan Siang; Chuah, Yon Jin; Tan, Jing Shi; Wang, Dong-An; Loo, Joachim Say Chye
 2012A temperature-cured dissolvable gelatin microsphere-based cell carrier for chondrocyte delivery in a hydrogel scaffolding systemLeong, Wenyan; Lau, Ting Ting; Wang, Dong-An
2013A transduced living hyaline cartilage graft releasing transgenic stromal cell-derived factor-1 inducing endogenous stem cell homing in vivoLeong, Wenyan; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Wang, Dong-An; Zhang, Feng