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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Light trapping in hybrid nanopyramid and nanohole structure silicon solar cell beyond the Lambertian limitHong, Lei; Rusli; Wang, Xincai; Zheng, Hongyu; Wang, Hao; Xiaoyan, Xu; Yu, Hongyu
2010Matlab radar toolbox developmentWang, Hao
 2011Nanohole structure as efficient antireflection layer for silicon solar cell fabricated by maskless laser annealingHong, Lei; Rusli; Wang, Fei; He, Lining; Wang, Xincai; Zheng, Hongyu; Wang, Hao; Yu, Hongyu
2017Research of modeling and optimization approaches for hybrid ejector-based air conditioning cycleWang, Hao
 2012Si nanowires organic semiconductor hybrid heterojunction solar cells toward 10% efficiencyHe, Lining; Jiang, Changyun; Wang, Hao; Lai, Donny; Rusli
2019Si photocathode with Ag-supported dendritic Cu catalyst for CO2 reductionGurudayal; Beeman, Jeffrey W.; Bullock, James; Wang, Hao; Eichhorn, Johanna; Towle, Clarissa; Javey, Ali; Toma, Francesca M.; Mathews, Nripan; Ager, Joel W.
2014Simulated optical absorption enhancement in random silicon nanohole structure for solar cell applicationHong, Lei; Rusli; Wang, Xincai; Zheng, Hongyu; Wang, Hao; Yu, Hongyu
2010A study on social network in SingaporeWang, Hao
 2012Surface nanostructure optimization for GaAs solar cell applicationHong, Lei; Rusli; Yu, Hongyu; Wang, Xincai; Wang, Hao; Zheng, Hongyu
2016Thin Film Silicon Nanowire/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Solar Cells with Surface TreatmentWang, Hao; Wang, Jianxiong; Hong, Lei; Tan, Yew Heng; Tan, Chuan Seng; Rusli
2013Towards perfect anti-reflection and absorption for nanodome-array thin film silicon solar cellHong, Lei; Rusli; Wang, Xincai; Wang, Hao; Xu, Xiaoyan; He, Lining; Zheng, Hongyu
2011Understanding factors influencing demand of online information goods : a case study on online music storeQian, Chen Hao; Wang, Hao; Seah, Wen Jing
2017ZnO nano-rod devices for intradermal delivery and immunizationNayak, Tapas R.; Wang, Hao; Pant, Aakansha; Zheng, Minrui; Junginger, Hans; Goh, Wei Jiang; Lee, Choon Keong; Zou, Shui; Alonso, Sylvie; Czarny, Bertrand; Storm, Gert; Sow, Chorng Haur; Chengkuo, Lee; Pastorin, Giorgia