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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012H2 and CH4 oxidation on Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 infiltrated SrMoO3-yttria-stabilized zirconia anode for solid oxide fuel cellsXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Zhang, Lan; Lee, Jong-Min; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
2004Heavy metal removal from dewatered sewage sludge using electrokinetic technologyZhang, Disong
2017High-quality fuel from food waste - investigation of a stepwise process from the perspective of technology developmentYin, Ke; Li, Ling; Giannis, Apostolos; Weerachanchai, Piyarat; Ng, Bernard Jia Han; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2012An HPLC-DAD method for rapid and high resolution analysis of concentrated BTEX and styrene aqueous samplesTan, Amy Giin-Yu; Chen, Chia-Lung; Zhao, Lei; Mo, Yu; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2014Hydrothermal gasification of sewage sludge and model compounds for renewable hydrogen recovery: A reviewHe, Chao; Chen, Chia-Lung; Giannis, Apostolos; Yang, Yanhui; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2004Impact of pneumatic waste removal system on Singapore's solid waste collectionWang, Yun Fei.
 2012Impact of vertical electrokinetic-flushing technology to remove heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from contaminated soilGiannis, Apostolos; Tay, Eugene; Kao, Jimmy; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2012Increasing intracellular releasable electrons dramatically enhances bioelectricity output in microbial fuel cellsYong, Yang-Chun; Yu, Yang-Yang; Yang, Yun; Li, Chang Ming; Jiang, Rongrong; Wang, Xin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Song, Hao
2015Influence of moisture content and temperature on degree of carbonation and the effect on Cu and Cr leaching from incineration bottom ashLin, Wenlin Yvonne; Heng, Kim Soon; Sun, Xiaolong; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2015Influence of temperature on carbon and nitrogen dynamics during in situ aeration of aged waste in simulated landfill bioreactorsTong, Huanhuan; Yin, Ke; Giannis, Apostolos; Ge, Liya; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2016Insights for transformation of contaminants in leachate at a tropical landfill dominated by natural attenuationYin, Ke; Tong, Huanhuan; Giannis, Apostolos; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2004Integrated anaerobic/aerobic process for organic solid waste disposal : a Singapore's perspectiveLek, Ser Miang.
2003Integrated remedial system for PAHs contaminated soil cleanupLee, Seng Shern.
2004Integrated sewage sludge management in SingaporeXie, Yuan Ming.
 2016Investigation on thermal dechlorination and catalytic pyrolysis in a continuous process for liquid fuel recovery from mixed plastic wastesLei, Junxi; Yuan, Guoan; Weerachanchai, Piyarat; Lee, Shao Wee; Li, Kaixin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Yang, Yanhui
2016Life cycle assessment of the present and proposed food waste management technologies from environmental and economical inpact perspectivesAhamed, Ashiq; Yin, Ke; Ng, Bernard Jia Han; Ren, Fei; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2015Mapping refuse profile in Singapore old dumping ground through electrical resistivity, S-wave velocity and geotechnical monitoringYin, Ke; Tong, Huan Huan; Noh, Omar; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Giannis, Apostolos
2016Microbial removal of carboxylic acids from 1,3-propanediol in glycerol anaerobic digestion effluent by PHAs-producing consortiumPan, Chaozhi; Tan, Giin-Yu Amy; Ge, Liya; Chen, Chia-Lung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2012Modeling decentralized source-separation systems for urban waste managementChang, Victor Wei-Chung; Stegmann, Rainer; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Ng, Bernard Jia Han; Giannis, Apostolos
2014Molybdenum phosphide as an efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reactionXiao, Peng; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Thia, Larissa; Ge, Xiaoming; Lim, Rern Jern; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Lim, Kok Hwa; Wang, Xin