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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Direct arylation polymerization : a green, streamlining synthetic approach to π-conjugated polymersWang, Kai; Wang, Mingfeng
2019Effects of miR-219/miR-338 on microglia and astrocyte behaviors and astrocyte-oligodendrocyte precursor cell interactionsNguyen, Lan Huong; Ong, William; Wang, Kai; Wang, Mingfeng; Nizetic, Dean; Chew, Sing Yian
2017An efficient and effective design of InP nanowires for maximal solar energy harvestingWu, Dan; Tang, Xiaohong; Wang, Kai; He, Zhubing; Li, Xianqiang
2017Giant two‐photon absorption and its saturation in 2D organic-inorganic perovskiteLiu, Weiwei; Xing, Jun; Zhao, Jiaxin; Wen, Xinglin; Wang, Kai; Lu, Peixiang; Xiong, Qihua
2016Highly Fluorescent and Photostable Polymeric Nanofibers as Scaffolds for Cell Interfacing and Long-Term TrackingDiao, Hua Jia; Wang, Kai; Long, Hong Yan; Wang, Mingfeng; Chew, Sing Yian
2016Highly Fluorescent Polycaprolactones with Tunable Light Emission Wavelengths across Visible to NIR Spectral WindowHuang, Shuo; Wang, Kai; Wang, Shipan; Wang, Yue; Wang, Mingfeng
2001Industrial robot development : integration of business, design, production and supply chain issuesWang, Shengyong; Wang, Kai
2014Inorganic–organic hybrid polymer with multiple redox for high-density data storageHu, Benlin; Wang, Chengyuan; Wang, Jiangxin; Gao, Junkuo; Wang, Kai; Wu, Jiansheng; Zhang, Guodong; Cheng, Wangqiao; Venkateswarlu, Bhavanasi; Wang, Mingfeng; Lee, Pooi See; Zhang, Qichun
2015Large Stokes Shift and High Efficiency Luminescent Solar Concentrator Incorporated with CuInS2/ZnS Quantum DotsLi, Chen; Chen, Wei; Wu, Dan; Quan, Dunhang; Zhou, Ziming; Hao, Junjie; Qin, Jing; Li, Yiwen; He, Zhubing; Wang, Kai
2018Microfiber drug/gene delivery platform for study of myelinationOng, William; Lin, Junquan; Bechler, Marie E.; Wang, Kai; Wang, Mingfeng; ffrench-Constant, Charles; Chew, Sing Yian
2015MOCVD Growth of High-Quality and Density-Tunable GaAs Nanowires on ITO Catalyzed by Au Nanoparticles Deposited by CentrifugationWu, Dan; Tang, Xiaohong; Yoon, Ho Sup; Wang, Kai; Olivier, Aurelien; Li, Xianqiang
2017Multifunctional polymeric micelles loaded with doxorubicin and poly(dithienyl-diketopyrrolopyrrole) for near-infrared light-controlled chemo-phototherapy of cancer cellsLiu, Hui; Wang, Kai; Yang, Cangjie; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Mingfeng
2017Near-Infrared Light-Responsive Semiconductor Polymer Composite Hydrogels: Spatial/Temporal-Controlled Release via a Photothermal “Sponge” EffectWu, Yingjie; Wang, Kai; Huang, Shuo; Yang, Cangjie; Wang, Mingfeng
2017Numerical analysis on a four-stage looped thermoacoustic Stirling power generator for low temperature waste heatWang, Kai; Qiu, Limin
2015Numerical simulation on onset characteristics of traveling-wave thermoacoustic engines based on a time-domain network modelWang, Kai; Zhang, Jie; Zou, Jiang; Wu, Ke; Qiu, Li Min; Huang, Z. Y.; Sun, Da Ming
2015Operating characteristics and performance improvements of a 500 W traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generatorWang, Kai; Sun, Daming; Zhang, Jie; Xu, Ya; Zou, Jiang; Wu, Ke; Qiu, Limin; Huang, Zhiyi
 2018Orienting fatigue cracks using contact acoustic nonlinearity in scattered plate wavesWang, Kai; Fan, Zheng; Su, Zhongqing
 2018Over 7% photovoltaic efficiency of a semicrystalline donor-acceptor polymer synthesized via direct arylation polymerizationWang, Kai; Chen, Hui; Wei, Xin; Bohra, Hassan; He, Feng; Wang, Mingfeng
2016Parameters study on the growth of GaAs nanowires on indium tin oxide by metal-organic chemical vapor depositionWu, Dan; Tang, Xiaohong; Wang, Kai; Olivier, Aurelien; Li, Xianqiang
 2012Physically-based NURBS surface editing with curvesMa, Yuewen; Zheng, Jianmin; Wang, Kai