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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Nonprobabilistic reliability oriented topological optimization for multi-material heat-transfer structures with interval uncertaintiesWang, Lei; Liang, Jinxiong; Zhang, Zhongxiang; Yang, Yaowen
 2018A novel methodology of reliability-based multidisciplinary design optimization under hybrid interval and fuzzy uncertaintiesWang, Lei; Xiong, Chuang; Yang, Yaowen
2016Numerical and experimental study of a novel compact micro fluidized beds reactor for CO2 capture in HVACWang, Lei; Jia, Lei; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Xiaofei
2015Operating characteristics and efficiencies of an active chilled beam terminal unit under variable air volume modeChen, Can; Cai, Wenjian; Wang, Youyi; Lin, Chen; Wang, Lei
2018Output regulation of multivariable nonlinear systems using extra outputsWang, Lei; Marconi, Lorenzo; Wen, Changyun; Su, Hongye
2019Pareto criterion and long-term perspective criterion under myopic discountingKang, Minwook; Wang, Lei
2016Practical Forgeries and Distinguishers against PAESJean, Jérémy; Nikolic, Ivica; Sasaki, Yu; Wang, Lei
 2018Pseudocapacitive behaviors of Li2FeTiO4/C hybrid porous nanotubes for novel lithium-ion battery anodes with superior performancesTang, Yakun; Liu, Lang; Zhao, Hongyang; Zhang, Yue; Kong, Ling Bing; Gao, Shasha; Li, Xiaohui; Wang, Lei; Jia, Dianzeng
2012Silencing of diphthamide synthesis 3 (Dph3) reduces metastasis of murine melanomaWang, Lei; Shi, Yu; Ju, Peijun; Liu, Rui; Yeo, Siok Ping; Xia, Yinyan; Owlanj, Hamed; Feng, Zhiwei
2013Software-GPS receiver in MatlabWang, Lei
2016Stochastic filtering for determining gravity variations for decade-long time series of GRACE gravityHill, Emma Mary; Wang, Lei; Davis, James L.; Tamisiea, Mark E.
2013A Three-dimensional kinematics analysis of a Koi Carp Pectoral Fin by digital image processingWang, Lei; Xu, Min; Liu, Bo; Low, Kin Huat; Yang, Jie; Zhang, Shiwu
 2013Ultrasound assisted extraction of carbohydrates from microalgae as feedstock for yeast fermentationZhao, Guili; Chen, Xue; Wang, Lei; Zhou, Shixiao; Feng, Huixing; Lau, Raymond; Chen, William Wei Ning
2007A vector-based approach to broadcast audio database indexing and retrievalWang, Lei; Li, Haizhou; Chng, Eng Siong