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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 1987Magnetic susceptibility of a two-dimensional electron gas in the strong magnetic field limit and for non-zero temperaturesWang, Lipo.; O'Connell, R. F.
1999Multi-associative neural networks and their applications to learning and retrieving complex spatio-temporal sequencesWang, Lipo.
1997Noise injection into inputs in sparsely connected Hopfield and winner-take-all neural networksWang, Lipo.
2004A noisy chaotic neural network for solving combinatorial optimization problems : stochastic chaotic simulated annealingWang, Lipo.; Fu, Xiuju; Li, Sa; Tian, Fuyu
1986On the classical limit of phasespace formulation of quantum mechanics : entropyWang, Lipo.
 2005Pattern recognition methods for protein functional site predictionWang, Lipo.; Yang, Zheng Rong; Young, Natasha; Trudgian, Dave; Chou, Kuo-Chen
1990Phase space formulation of quantum mechanics under phase space transformations : Wigner functions of an oscillator system in crossed magnetic and electric fieldsWang, Lipo.
1985Phase-space representations of the Bloch equationO'Connell, R. F.; Wang, Lipo.
 2012Preface : ICNC2012Liu, Yanbing.; Yue, Shigang.; Leung, Frank H. F.; Zhao, Guofeng.; Wang, Lipo.
2011Semisupervised biased maximum margin analysis for interactive image retrievalZhang, Lining.; Wang, Lipo.; Lin, Weisi.
2002Signal class & pattern recognitionWang, Lipo.; Bi, Guoan.
2011Solving channel assignment problems using local search methods and simulated annealingLee, Sally Ng Sa.; Hing, Wong Yow.; Wang, Lipo.
2011Solving combinatorial optimization problems using augmented lagrange chaotic simulated annealingWang, Lipo.; Tian, Fuyu; Soong, Boon Hee; Wan, Chunru
1986Surface effects on the diamagnetic susceptibility and other properties of a low temperature electron gasWang, Lipo.; O'Connell, R. F.
1984Time dependence of a general class of quantum distribution functionsO'Connell, R. F.; Wang, Lipo.; Williams, H. A.
 1990Two-dimensional electron gas in a magnetic field : the non-degenerate limitWang, Lipo.
2013Wavelet neural networks for stock tradingZheng, Tianxing.; Fataliyev, Kamaladdin.; Wang, Lipo.