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2019Anisotropic microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured Co–Cr–Mo alloy using selective electron beam melting for orthopedic implantsXiang, Ding Ding; Wang, P.; Tan, Xi Peng; Chandra, Shubham; Wang, Chengcheng; Nai, Sharon Mui Ling; Tor, Shu Beng; Liu, Wei Qiang; Liu, Erjia
2017Anisotropy and heterogeneity of microstructure and mechanical properties in metal additive manufacturing: A critical reviewKok, Yihong; Tan, Xi Peng; Wang, P.; Nai, Sharon Mui Ling; Loh, Ngiap Hiang; Liu, Erjia; Tor, Shu Beng
2014Biomass derived furfural-based facile synthesis of protected (2S)-phenyl-3-piperidone, a common intermediate for many drugsKoh, P.-F.; Wang, P.; Huang, J.-M.; Loh, T.-P.
 2012Carrier-based modulation strategy and its implementation for indirect matrix converter under unbalanced grid voltage conditionsLiu, X.; Wang, P.; Blaabjerg, Frede; Loh, Poh Chiang