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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Measurement of the in-flight particle characteristics in plasma spraying by phase Doppler anemometry (PDA)Wang, Peng
 2017Mitigation of DC and harmonic currents generated by voltage measurement errors and grid voltage distortions in transformerless grid-connected invertersTrinh, Quoc Nam; Wang, Peng; Tang, Yi; Choo, Fook Hoong
 2017A modified one-cycle-control-based active power filter for harmonic compensationWang, Lei; Han, Xiaoqing; Ren, Chunguang; Yang, Yu; Wang, Peng
 2018A modulation reference compensation method to realize fully decoupled power control for modular multilevel convertersWang, Jinyu; Wang, Peng; Zagrodnik, Michael; Mukherjee, Suvajit; Vaidya, Dhanashree
2014Monitoring system for the charging and discharging station of electric vehicles (EVs)Zou, Lei
2017Multifunctional plasmonic nanostructures for biomedical applicationWang, Peng
2019A novel advanced traction power supply system based on modular multilevel converterHe, Xiaoqiong; Peng, Jun; Han, Pengcheng; Liu, Zi; Gao, Shibin; Wang, Peng
2017A novel composite nonlinear controller for stabilization of constant power load in DC microgridXu, Qianwen; Zhang, Chuanlin; Wen, Changyun; Wang, Peng
 2022A novel fault diagnosis method of smart grids based on memory spiking neural P systems considering measurement tampering attacksWang, Tao; Liu, Wei; Cabrera, Luis Valencia; Wang, Peng; Wei, Xiaoguang; Zang, Tianlei
2015Operational adequacy studies of a PV-based & energy storage stand-alone microgridGao, Zhiyong; Püttgen, Hans B.; Koh, Leong Hai; Wang, Peng; Choo, Fook Hoong; Tseng, King-Jet
 2012Operational adequacy studies of power systems with wind farms and energy storagesWang, Peng; Gao, Zhiyong; Tjernberg, Lina Bertling
2016Optimal power flow with worst-case scenarios considering uncertainties of loads and renewablesJu, Chengquan; Wang, Peng
 2018Padé-based stability analysis for a modular multilevel converter considering the time delay in the digital control systemDong, Chaoyu; Yang, Shunfeng; Jia, Hongjie; Wang, Peng
 2010A penalty scheme for reducing electricity price volatilityDing, Yi; Wang, Peng; Goel, Lalit; Chen, Luonan; Loh, Poh Chiang
 2018Power decoupling control for modular multilevel converterWang, Jinyu; Wang, Peng
2017Power System Resilience Assessment Considering of Integrated Natural Gas SystemZhang, Huajun; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Peng; Cheung, Sai Hung; Yao, Shuhan
2017Predictive Current Control for Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Based on a Deadbeat SolutionQi, Chen; Tu, Pengfei; Wang, Peng; Zagrodnik, Michael
2014Probabilistic Estimation of Aggregated Power Capacity of EVs for Vehicle-to-Grid ApplicationLav, Agarwal; Wang, Peng; Lalit, Goel
2015Probabilistic estimation of plug-in electric vehicles charging load profileTehrani, Nima H.; Wang, Peng
2018Probabilistic guided exploration for reinforcement learning in self-organizing neural networksWang, Peng; Zhou, Weigui Jair; Wang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee