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2014Dryer system using waste heat from air-conditioning systemWang, Ran
 2018Facile syntheses, characterization, and physical properties of sulfur-decorated pyran-annulated perylene diimidesWang, Ran; Li, Gang; Zhou, Yecheng; Hao, Pin; Shang, Qiaoyan; Wang, Shuaihua; Zhang, Yu; Li, Dandan; Yang, Shufan; Zhang, Qichun; Shi, Zhiqiang; Tang, Bo
2016Intelligent microgrid management and EV control under uncertainties in smart gridWang, Ran
 2018Matrix function optimization under weighted boundary constraints and its applications in network controlTang, Pei; Li, Guoqi; Ma, Chen; Wang, Ran; Xiao, Gaoxi; Shi, Luping
2014Power demand and supply management in microgrids with uncertainties of renewable energiesWang, Ran; Wang, Ping; Xiao, Gaoxi; Gong, Shimin
 2012Resilient PHEV charging policies under price information attacksLi, Yifan; Wang, Ran; Wang, Ping; Niyato, Dusit; Saad, Walid; Han, Zhu
2015A robust optimization approach for energy generation scheduling in microgridsWang, Ran; Wang, Ping; Xiao, Gaoxi
2018Visible light based occupancy inference using ensemble learningHao, Jie; Yuan, Xiaoming; Yang, Yanbing; Wang, Ran; Zhuang, Yi; Luo, Jun