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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A new integrated approach for dye removal from wastewater by polyoxometalates functionalized membranesYao, Lei; Zhang, Lizhi; Wang, Rong; Chou, Shuren; Dong, ZhiLi
2013A non-invasive study of flow dynamics in membrane distillation hollow fiber modules using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Fridjonsson, E. O.; Yang, X.; Johns, M. L.; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2011Novel designs for improving the performance of hollow fiber membrane distillation modulesYang, Xing; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2012Novel dual-layer hollow fiber membranes applied for forward osmosis processSetiawan, Laurentia; Wang, Rong; Shi, Lei; Li, Kang; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2019A novel metal–organic framework (MOF)–mediated interfacial polymerization for direct deposition of polyamide layer on ceramic substrates for nanofiltrationBao, Yueping; Chen, Yunfeng; Lim, Teik‐Thye; Wang, Rong; Hu, Xiao
2013Novel method for incorporating hydrophobic silica nanoparticles on polyetherimide hollow fiber membranes for CO2 absorption in gas-liquid membrane contactorZhang, Yuan; Wang, Rong
 2012Novel single-step hydrophobic modification of polymeric hollow fiber membranes containing imide groups : its potential for membrane contactor applicationZhang, Yuan; Wang, Rong; Zhang, Lizhi; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2019A novel thin film composite hollow fiber osmotic membrane with one-step prepared dual-layer substrate for sludge thickeningNg, Daniel Yee Fan; Wu, Bing; Chen, Yunfeng; Dong, Zhili; Wang, Rong
2014Numerical modeling and optimization of vacuum membrane distillation module for low-cost water productionZuo, Guangzhi; Guan, Guoqiang; Wang, Rong
2011Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in direct membrane distillation in a hollow fiber module with laminar flowYu, Hui; Yang, Xing; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2018One-step construction of heterostructured metal-organics@Bi2O3 with improved photoinduced charge transfer and enhanced activity in photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole under solar light irradiationBao, Yueping; Lim, Teik-Thye; Goei, Ronn; Zhong, Ziyi; Wang, Rong; Hu, Xiao
2022Optimization of aquaporin loading for performance enhancement of aquaporin-based biomimetic thin-film composite membranesZhao, Yang ; Li, Xuesong; Wei, Jing; Torres, Jaume; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2017Optimization of hydrophobic modification parameters of microporous polyvinylidene fluoride hollow-fiber membrane for biogas recovery from anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluentSethunga, Godakooru Sethunga Mudiyanselage Dilhara Prebhashwari; Rongwong, Wichitpan; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
2012Optimization of microstructured hollow fiber design for membrane distillation applications using CFD modelingYang, Xing; Yu, Hui; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2021Organic matter removal from a membrane bioreactor effluent for reverse osmosis fouling mitigation by microgranular adsorptive filtration systemChun, Youngpil; Hua, Tao; Anantharaman, Aditya; Chew, Jia Wei; Cai, Nathan; Benjamin, Mark; Wang, Rong
2022Organic solvent forward osmosis membranes for pharmaceutical concentrationGoh, Keng Siang; Chen, Yunfeng; Ng, Daniel Yee Fan; Chew, Jia Wei; Wang, Rong
2019PDMS-coated porous PVDF hollow fiber membranes for efficient recovery of dissolved biomethane from anaerobic effluentsSethunga, Godakooru Sethunga Mudiyanselage Dilhara Prebhashwari; Karahan, Huseyin Enis; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
2012Performance enhancement and scaling control with gas bubbling in a direct contact membrane distillationChen, Guizi; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Yang, Xing
2019Performance enhancement of ultrafiltration membrane via simple deposition of polymer-based modifiersTian, Miao; Wang, Rong; Goto, Atsushi; Mao, Weijia; Miyoshi, Yasuyuki; Mizoguchi, Hirotaka
2010Performance improvement of PVDF hollow fiber-based membrane distillation processYang, Xing; Wang, Rong; Shi, Lei; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Debowski, Marcin