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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Biocatalytic PVDF composite hollow fiber membranes for CO2 removal in gas-liquid membrane contactorXu, Yilin; Lin, Yuqing; Chew. Nick Guan Pin; Malde, Chandresh; Wang, Rong
2021A biomimetic antimicrobial surface for membrane fouling control in reverse osmosis for seawater desalinationTian, Miao; Xu, Huijuan; Yao, Lei; Wang, Rong
 2023Choice of DLVO approximation method for quantifying the affinity between latex particles and membranesLay, Huang Teik; Ong, Chi Siang; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei
 2012Combined organic–inorganic fouling of forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesArkhangelsky, Elizabeth; Wicaksana, Filicia; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Al-Rabiah, Abdulrahman A.; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M.; Wang, Rong
2022The coming of age of water channels for separation membranes: from biological to biomimetic to syntheticLim, Yu Jie; Goh, Kunli; Wang, Rong
 2012Composite forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes: Integration of RO- and NF-like selective layers to enhance membrane properties of anti-scaling and anti-internal concentration polarizationFang, Wangxi; Wang, Rong; Chou, Shuren; Setiawan, Lauren; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2019A comprehensive understanding of co-solvent effects on interfacial polymerization : interaction with trimesoyl chlorideLee, Jaewoo; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
2016Control of distributed energy storage systems for solar photovoltaic intermittency managementWang, Rong
2020Correlating physicochemical properties of commercial membranes with CO₂ absorption performance in gas-liquid membrane contactorXu, Yilin; Malde, Chandresh; Wang, Rong
2019Design and development of layer-by-layer based low-pressure antifouling nanofiltration membrane used for water reclamationLi, Xin; Liu, Chang; Yin, Wenqiang; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Wang, Rong
2018Design, development and evaluation of nanofibrous composite membranes with opposing membrane wetting properties for extractive membrane bioreactorsLiao, Yuan; Goh, Shuwen; Tian, Miao; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony G.
2017Development of high performance nanofibrous composite membranes by optimizing polydimethylsiloxane architectures for phenol transportJin, Meng-Yi; Liao, Yuan; Tan, Choon-Hong; Wang, Rong
2018Development of highly-efficient ZIF-8@PDMS/PVDF nanofibrous composite membrane for phenol removal in aqueous-aqueous membrane extractive processJin, Meng-Yi; Lin, Yuqing; Liao, Yuan; Tan, Choon-Hong; Wang, Rong
2018Development of low mass-transfer-resistance fluorinated TiO2-SiO2/PVDF composite hollow fiber membrane used for biogas upgrading in gas-liquid membrane contactorXu, Yilin; Lin, Yuqing; Lee, Melanie; Malde, Chandresh; Wang, Rong
2017Development of robust fluorinated TiO2/PVDF composite hollow fiber membrane for CO2 capture in gas-liquid membrane contactorLoh, Chun Heng; Wang, Rong; Lin, Yuqing; Xu, Yilin
 2022Dissecting the structure-compaction-performance relationship of thin-film composite polyamide membranes with different structure featuresZhao, Yali; Lai, Gwo Sung; Chong, Jeng Yi; Wang, Rong
 2022Dopamine-intercalated polyelectrolyte multilayered nanofiltration membranes: toward high permselectivity and ion-ion selectivityYang, Yang; Li, Ye; Goh, Kunli; Tan, Choon Hong; Wang, Rong
2013Dual layer composite nanofiltration hollow fiber membranes for low-pressure water softeningSetiawan, Laurentia; Shi, Lei; Wang, Rong
2015Dye-sensitized MIL-101 metal organic frameworks loaded with Ni/NiOx nanoparticles for efficient visible-light-driven hydrogen generationLiu, Xin-Ling; Wang, Rong; Zhang, Ming-Yi; Yuan, Yu-Peng; Xue, Can
 2005Effect of air bubbling on atrazine adsorption in water by powdered activated carbons : competitive adsorption of impuritiesWang, Rong; Krantz, William B.; Jia, Yue; Fane, Anthony Gordon