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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2005Effect of air bubbling on atrazine adsorption in water by powdered activated carbons : competitive adsorption of impuritiesWang, Rong; Krantz, William B.; Jia, Yue; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2012Effect of pharmaceuticals on the performance of a novel osmotic membrane bioreactor (OMBR)Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Lay, Winson Chee Loong; Zhang, Qiaoyun; Zhang, Jinsong; McDougald, Diane; Liu, Yu; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2013The effect of re-generable silver nanoparticles/multi-walled carbon nanotubes coating on the antibacterial performance of hollow fiber membraneWang, Rong; Booshehri, Amin Yoosefi; Xu, Rong
2021Effective separation of water-DMSO through solvent resistant membrane distillation (SR-MD)Zhang, Yujun; Chong, Jeng Yi; Xu, Rong; Wang, Rong
 2012Effects of additives and coagulant temperature on fabrication of high performance PVDF/Pluronic F127 blend hollow fiber membranes via nonsolvent induced phase separationLoh, Chun Heng; Wang, Rong
2018Effects of internal concentration polarization and membrane roughness on phenol removal in extractive membrane bioreactorLiao, Yuan; Tian, Miao; Goh, Shuwen; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2012Effects of scaling and cleaning on the performance of forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesArkhangelsky, Elizabeth; Wicaksana, Filicia; Chou, Shuren; Al-Rabiah, Abdulrahman A.; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M.; Wang, Rong
2019Effects of the support on the characteristics and permselectivity of thin film composite membranesLi, Xuesong; Li, Qing; Fang, Wangxi; Wang, Rong; Krantz, William B.
2021Electrospun polyimide-based thin-film composite membranes for organic solvent nanofiltrationYou, Xiaofei; Chong, Jeng Yi; Goh, Keng Siang; Tian, Miao; Chew, Jia Wei; Wang, Rong
2019Elucidation of stoichiometric efficiency, radical generation and transformation pathway during catalytic oxidation of sulfamethoxazole via peroxymonosulfate activationBao, Yueping; Oh, Wen-Da; Lim, Teik-Thye; Wang, Rong; Webster, Richard David; Hu, Xiao
2021Emerging materials to prepare mixed matrix membranes for pollutant removal in waterLim, Yu Jie; Lee, So Min; Wang, Rong; Lee, Jaewoo
2015Energy-efficient desalination by forward osmosis using responsive ionic liquid draw solutesCai, Yufeng; Shen, Wenming; Wei, Jing; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Wang, Rong; Krantz, William B.; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Hu, Xiao
2019Engineering a superwetting thin film nanofibrous composite membrane with excellent antifouling and self-cleaning properties to separate surfactant-stabilized oil-in-water emulsionsTian, Miao; Liao, Yuan; Wang, Rong
2014Enhanced hollow fiber membrane performance via semi-dynamic layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte inner surface deposition for nanofiltration and forward osmosis applicationsLiu, Chang; Shi, Lei; Wang, Rong
2014Evaluation of hollow fiber-based direct contact and vacuum membrane distillation systems using aspen process simulationGuan, Guoqiang; Yang, Xing; Wang, Rong; Field, Robert; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2018Explorations of combined nonsolvent and thermally induced phase separation (N-TIPS) method for fabricating novel PVDF hollow fiber membranes using mixed diluentsZhao, Jie; Chong, Jeng Yi; Shi, Lei; Wang, Rong
 2012Explorations of delamination and irregular structure in poly(amide-imide)-polyethersulfone dual layer hollow fiber membranesKrantz, William B.; Wang, Rong; Setiawan, Laurentia; Shi, Lei
 2012Explorations of delamination and irregular structure in poly(amide-imide)-polyethersulfone dual layer hollow fiber membranesSetiawan, Laurentia; Shi, Lei; Krantz, William B.; Wang, Rong
2016Fabrication and Characterization of Fabric-reinforced Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membranes for Osmotic Power HarvestingShe, Qianhong; Wei, Jing; Ma, Ning; Sim, Victor; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2012Fabrication and characterization of forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes with antifouling NF-like selective layerSetiawan, Laurentia; Wang, Rong; Li, Kang; Fane, Anthony Gordon