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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identification of safe and stable operation conditions for pressure retarded osmosis with high performance hollow fiber membraneChen, Yunfeng; Setiawan, Laurentia; Chou, Shuren; Hu, Xiao; Wang, Rong
2013Impact of intrinsic properties of foulants on membrane performance in osmotic desalination applicationsArkhangelsky, Elizabeth; Lay, Susan Sulaiman; Wicaksana, Filicia; Al-Rabiah, Abdulrahman A.; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M.; Wang, Rong
2021Impact of NaOCl ageing on reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membranes used in membrane bioreactorLye, Charmaine Jia Mei; Xu, Huijuan; Wang, Rong
2021Impact of pilot-scale PSF substrate surface and pore structural properties on tailoring seawater reverse osmosis membrane performanceZhao, Yali; Lai, Gwo Sung; Wang, Yi-Ning; Li, Can; Wang, Rong
2019Incorporation of CoIII acetylacetonate and SNW-1 nanoparticles to tailor O2/N2 separation performance of mixed-matrix membraneSamarasinghe, S. A. S. C.; Chuah, Chong Yang; Li, Wen; Sethunga, G. S. M. D. P.; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
 2022Influence of foulant particle shape on membrane fouling in dead-end microfiltrationLay, Huang Teik; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei
 2019Influence of membrane characteristics and operating parameters on transport properties of dissolved methane in a hollow fiber membrane contactor for biogas recovery from anaerobic effluentsSethunga, G. S. M. D. P.; Lee, Jaewoo; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
2017Integral hollow fiber membrane with chemical cross-linking for pressure retarded osmosis operated in the orientation of active layer facing feed solutionLi, Ye; Zhao, Shanshan; Setiawan, Laurentia; Zhang, Lizhi; Wang, Rong
2014Intelligent elderly companionWang, Rong
 2021Internal membrane fouling by proteins during microfiltrationLay, Huang Teik; Yeow, Rique Jie En; Ma, Yunqiao; Zydney, Andrew L.; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei
 2022Investigation of aqueous and organic co-solvents roles in fabricating seawater reverse osmosis membraneLi, Can; Zhao, Yali; Lai, Gwo Sung; Wang, Rong
 2022Layer-by-layer aided β-cyclodextrin nanofilm for precise organic solvent nanofiltrationLi, Xin; Li, Can; Goh, Kunli; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Wang, Rong
 2020Layer-by-layer assembly based low pressure biocatalytic nanofiltration membranes for micropollutants removalLi, Xin; Xu, Yilin; Goh, Kunli; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Wang, Rong
 2022Liposome-integrated seawater reverse osmosis membrane prepared via facile spray-assisted interfacial polymerizationLai, Gwo Sung; Zhao, Yali; Wang, Rong
 2021Liposomes-assisted fabrication of high performance thin film composite nanofiltration membraneYang, Yang; Li, Ye; Goh, Kunli; Tan, Choon-Hong; Wang, Rong
 2020Mechanistic understanding of the adsorption of natural organic matter by heated aluminum oxide particles (HAOPs) via molecular dynamics simulationMa, Yunqiao; Velioğlu, Sadiye; Tanis-Kanbur, Melike Begum; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei
 2012Membrane biofouling and scaling in forward osmosis membrane bioreactorZhang, Jinsong; Lay, Winson Chee Loong; Chou, Shuren; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2019Membrane compaction in forward osmosis processNg, Daniel Yee Fan; Chen, Yunfeng; Dong, Zhili; Wang, Rong
 2018Membrane distillation hybridized with a thermoelectric heat pump for energy-efficient water treatment and space coolingTan, Yong Zen; Han, Le; Chew, Nick Guan Pin; Chow, Wai Hoong; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei
 2021Membrane fouling by mixtures of oppositely charged particlesLay, Huang Teik; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia Wei