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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012One-pot synthesis of cubic PtCu 3 nanocages with enhanced electrocatalytic activity for the methanol oxidation reactionXia, Bao Yu; Wu, Hao Bin; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
 2014One-pot synthesis of platinum nanocubes on reduced graphene oxide with enhanced electrocatalytic activityXia, Bao Yu; Wu, Hao Bin; Yan, Ya; Wang, Hai Bo; Wang, Xin
 2015One-pot synthesis of Pt-Co alloy nanowire assemblies with tunable composition and enhanced electrocatalytic propertiesLou, David Xiong Wen; Xia, Bao Yu; Wu, Hao Bin; Li, Nan; Yan, Ya; Wang, Xin
2019One-shot entanglement distillation beyond local operations and classical communicationRegula, Bartosz; Fang, Kun; Wang, Xin; Gu, Mile
 2012Partially oxidized titanium carbonitride as a non-noble catalyst for oxygen reduction reactionsDam, Duc Tai; Nam, Kyung-Don; Song, Hao; Wang, Xin; Lee, Jong-Min
2014Pd nanoparticles supported on PDDA-functionalized Ti4O7 as an effective catalyst for formic acid electrooxidationZhao, Huiru; Tang, Qinghu; Wang, Yi; Qi, Tao; Wang, Xin
2015Recent developments in electrode materials for sodium-ion batteriesWang, Luyuan Paul; Yu, Linghui; Wang, Xin; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Xu, Zhichuan Jason
2014Recent progress on graphene-based hybrid electrocatalystsYan, Ya; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen; Xia, Bao Yu
2015A Review of Phosphide-Based Materials for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen EvolutionXiao, Peng; Chen, Wei; Wang, Xin
2016A review on noble-metal-free bifunctional heterogeneous catalysts for overall electrochemical water splittingYan, Ya; Xia, Bao Yu; Zhao, Bin; Wang, Xin
 2012Review on recent progress in nitrogen-doped graphene : synthesis, characterization, and its potential applicationsWang, Haibo; Maiyalagan, Thandavarayan; Wang, Xin
2013A review on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in fuel cells, metal electrodes and molecular catalystsLim, Rern Jern; Xie, Mingshi; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Lee, Jong-Min; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin; Lim, Kok Hwa
 2012Sandwich-structured TiO2-Pt-graphene ternary hybrid electrocatalysts with high efficiency and stabilityXia, Bao Yu; Wang, Bao; Wu, Hao Bin; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2018Selective electrochemical H2O2 production through two-electron oxygen electrochemistryJiang, Yuanyuan; Ni, Pengjuan; Chen, Chuanxia; Lu, Yizhong; Yang, Ping; Kong, Biao; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
 2012Self-supported interconnected Pt nanoassemblies as highly stable electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cellsXia, Bao Yu; Ng, Wan Theng; Wu, Hao Bin; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2013Sr1−xCaxMoO3–Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 as the anode in solid oxide fuel cells : effects of Mo precipitationXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
 2013Strongly coupled NiCo2O4-rGO hybrid nanosheets as a methanol-tolerant electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reactionZhang, Genqiang; Xia, Bao Yu; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2009Surface functionalization and density control of free-standing oriented double walled nanotube for improved performance of fuel cellWang, Xin
 2013Synthesis of mesoporous polyaniline (PANI)-Se 0.5 Te 0.5 dual-layer film from lyotropic liquid crystalline templateXue, Tong; Wang, Xin; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Jong-Min
 2012Template-free pseudomorphic synthesis of tungsten carbide nanorodsYan, Ya; Zhang, Lan; Qi, Xiaoying; Song, Hao; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Xin