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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Rambutan‐like hollow carbon spheres decorated with vacancy‐rich nickel oxide for energy conversion and storageSun, Zixu; Wang, Xinghui; Zhao, Hu; Koh, See Wee; Ge, Junyu; Zhao, Yunxing; Gao, Pingqi; Wang, Guangjin; Li, Hong
 2017Roles of carbon nanotubes in novel energy storage devicesSun, Leimeng; Wang, Xinghui; Wang, Yanrong; Zhang, Qing
2013Sputtered nickel oxide on vertically-aligned multiwall carbon nanotube arrays for lithium-ion batteriesSusantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Wang, Xinghui; Xiao, Qizhen; Fitzgerald, Eugene; Zhang, Qing
2014Stable cyclic performance of nickel oxide–carbon composite anode for lithium-ion batteriesWang, Xinghui; Susantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Fan, Yu; Xiao, Qizhen; Pey, Kin Leong; Zhang, Qing; Fitzgerald, Eugene
 2013Thermal oxidation of Ni films for p-type thin-film transistorsWang, Xinghui; Zhang, Qing; Jiang, Jie; Li, Jingqi; Zhang, X. X.
 2014Vertically aligned CNT-supported thick Ge films as high-performance 3D anodes for lithium ion batteriesWang, Xinghui; Susantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Fan, Yu; Sun, Leimeng; Xiao, Qizhen; Zhang, Qing