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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Seismic damage assessment based on structural response and energy approachWang, Yi
2016Stress-strain relationship of confined concrete with corroded transverse reinforcing barsWang, Yi
2017Surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence on Au nanohole array for prostate-specific antigen detectionZhang, Qingwen; Wu, Lin; Wong, Ten It; Zhang, Jinling; Liu, Xiaohu; Zhou, Xiaodong; Bai, Ping; Liedberg, Bo; Wang, Yi
 2013Thermally treated 3-D nanostructured graphene-supported Pd catalyst for significantly improved electrocatalytic performance towards ethanol electrooxidationWu, Li Juan; Wang, Yi; Wang, Yan Ping; Du, Xuan; Wang, Fang; Gao, Yi Ying; Qi, Tao; Li, Chang Ming
2014Time-resolved botulinum neurotoxin A activity monitored using peptide-functionalized Au nanoparticle energy transfer sensorsWang, Yi; Liu, Xiaohu; Zhang, Jinling; Aili, Daniel; Liedberg, Bo
2005Ultrasonic characterisation of interfaces in IC packagingWang, Yi