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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Polyhalides as efficient and mild oxidants for oxidative carbene organocatalysis by radical processesWu, Xingxing; Zhang, Yuexia; Wang, Yuhuang; Ke, Jie; Jeret, Martin; Reddi, Rambabu N.; Yang, Song; Song, Bao-An; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2017Synthesis of indanes via carbene-catalyzed single-electron-transfer processes and cascade reactionsWang, Yuhuang; Wu, Xingxing; Chi, Robin Yonggui
 2014β-functionalization of carboxylic anhydrides with β-alkyl substituents through carbene organocatalysisJin, Zhichao; Chen, Shaojin; Wang, Yuhuang; Zheng, Pengcheng; Yang, Song; Chi, Robin Yonggui