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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Functionally graded material by additive manufacturingTan, K. E.; Choy, S. Y.; Sun, C. N.; Leong, K. F.; Wei, J.
 2012Imparting photosensitivity through decoration of nanoparticle on reduced graphene oxideWei, J.; Tjoa, Verawati; Mathews, Nripan; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam
 2012Interfacial reaction and shear strength of Ni-coated carbon nanotubes reinforced Sn–Ag–Cu solder joints during thermal cyclingNai, S. M. L.; Xu, L. Y.; Wei, J.; Han, Yongdian; Jing, Hongyang; Tan, Cher Ming
 2011Low temperature Cu-Cu thermo-compression bonding with temporary passivation of self-assembled monolayer and its bond strength enhancementAng, X. F.; Wei, J.; Leong, K. C.; Tan, Chuan Seng; Lim, Dau Fatt
2012Mechanism of different switching directions in graphene oxide based RRAMWang, Zhongrui; Tjoa, Verawati; Wu, L.; Liu, W. J.; Fang, Z.; Tran, Xuan Anh; Wei, J.; Zhu, W. G.; Yu, Hongyu
 2012Positive bias-induced Vth instability in graphene field effect transistorsLiu, W. J.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Z. R.; Wang, F.; Wu, L.; Zhang, J. F.; Wei, J.; Zhu, H. L.; Sun, Xiaowei; Tran, Xuan Anh; Ng, Geok Ing; Yu, Hongyu
2014Selective Laser Melting of Density Graded TI6AL4VLow, Kin Huat; Sun, C. N.; Leong, Kah Fai; Liu, Zhong Hong; Zhang, Dan Qing; Wei, J.
2007Self-assembled monolayers for reduced temperature direct metal thermocompression bondingAng, X. F.; Li, F. Y.; Tan, W. L.; Chen, Z.; Wong, Chee C.; Wei, J.
 2012Vth shift in single-layer graphene field-effect transistors and its correlation with Raman inspectionWei, J.; Liu, W. J.; Fang, Z.; Wang, Z. R.; Wang, F.; Wu, L.; Zhang, J. F.; Zhu, H. L.; Sun, Xiaowei; Tran, Xuan Anh; Yu, Hongyu