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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Texture aware image segmentation using graph cuts and active contoursZhou, Hailing; Zheng, Jianmin; Wei, Lei
 2016Tunable resonant graphene plasmons for mid-infrared biosensingWu, Tingting; Wei, Lei
2018Ultra-sensitive chemical and biological analysis via specialty fibers with built-in microstructured optofluidic channelsZhang, Nan; Li, Kaiwei; Cui, Ying; Wu, Zhifang; Shum, Perry Ping; Auguste, Jean-Louis; Dinh, Xuan Quyen; Humbert, Georges; Wei, Lei
2018Ultrasensitive measurement of gas refractive index using an optical nanofiber couplerLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Liu, Guigen; Zhang, Ting; Wei, Lei
2016Ultrasensitive optical microfiber coupler based sensors operating near the turning point of effective group index differenceZhang, Nan; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Ting; Liu, Guigen; Zhang, Mengying; Wei, Lei