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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012QoE-driven cache management for HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming over wireless networksZhang, Weiwen; Wen, Yonggang; Chen, Zhenzhong; Khisti, Ashish
 2019ResumeGAN : an optimized deep representation learning framework for talent-job fit via adversarial learningLuo, Yong; Zhang, Huaizheng; Wen, Yonggang; Zhang, Xinwen
2018ResumeNet : a learning-based framework for automatic resume quality assessmentLuo, Yong; Zhang, Huaizheng; Wang, Yongjie; Wen, Yonggang; Zhang, Xinwen
 2012Socially-responsible load scheduling algorithms for sustainable data centers over smart gridHe, Jian; Deng, Xiang; Wu, Dan; Wen, Yonggang; Wu, Di
2019A survey on consensus mechanisms and mining strategy management in blockchain networksWang, Wenbo; Hoang, Dinh Thai; Hu, Peizhao; Xiong, Zehui; Niyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping; Wen, Yonggang; Kim, Dong In
2017Thermal analysis for underground data centres in the tropicsLi, Yuanlong; Wen, Yonggang; Wah Wong, Yew; Chuan Toh, Kok; Jiao, Yanmei; Cheng Chua, Chee; Ang, Wilson
2019Thermal comfort modeling for smart buildings : a fine-grained deep learning approachZhang, Wei; Hu, Weizheng; Wen, Yonggang
2021Toward a wearable crowdsource system to monitor respiratory symptoms for pandemic early warningZhang, Wei; Li, Jie; Wen, Yonggang; Luo, Yong
 2013Toward efficient distributed algorithms for in-network binary operator tree placement in wireless sensor networksLu, Zongqing; Wen, Yonggang; Fan, Rui; Tan, Su-Lim; Biswas, Jit
2021Toward intelligent multizone thermal control with multiagent deep reinforcement learningLi, Jie; Zhang, Wei; Gao, Guanyu; Wen, Yonggang; Jin, Guangyu; Christopoulos, Georgios
 2017Toward rendering-latency reduction for composable web services via priority-based object cachingHu, Han; Li, Yuanlong; Wen, Yonggang
 2017Toward Wi-Fi AP-assisted content prefetching for an on-demand TV series : a learning-based approachHu, Wen; Jin, Yichao; Wen, Yonggang; Wang, Zhi; Sun, Lifeng
2015Towards SDN-Enabled Big Data Platform for Social TV AnalyticsHu, Han; Wen, Yonggang; Gao, Yue; Chua, Tat-Seng; Li, Xuelong
 2012Towards the traffic hole problem in VANETsSong, Chao; Liu, Ming; Wen, Yonggang; Chen, Guihai; Cao, Jiannong
2019Transferring knowledge fragments for learning distance metric from a heterogeneous domainLuo, Yong; Wen, Yonggang; Liu, Tongliang; Tao, Dacheng
 2020Transforming cooling optimization for green data center via deep reinforcement learningLi, Yuanlong; Wen, Yonggang; Tao, Dacheng; Guan, Kyle
2013Ubiquitous sensing : services and applicationsLiu, Ming; Wen, Yonggang; Chen, Guihai; Song, Chao
2020An urban tropical thermal comfort dataset for smart buildingsLi, Jie; Wen, Yonggang; Zhang, Wei
2019Virtual storage-based DSM with error-driven prediction modulation for microgridsLee, Xuecong; Yan, Mengxuan; Xu, Fang Yuan; Wang, Yue; Fan, Yiliang; Lee, Zekai; Wen, Yonggang; Mohammad Shahidehpour; Lai, Loi Lei
 2020xTML : a unified heterogeneous transfer metric learning framework for multimedia applications [application notes]Liu, L.; Luo, Yong; Hu, H.; Wen, Yonggang; Tao, D.; Yao, X.