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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Parametric quintic spline approach for two-dimensional fractional sub-diffusion equationLi, Xuhao; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2005PC based machine control monitoring and management systemZhao, Guo Qing.
2014Periodic solutions of a stage-structured plant-hare model with toxin-determined functional responsesWong, Patricia Jia Yiing; Wang, Huicheng; Xia, Yonghui
2012Positive solutions of complementary lidstone boundary value problemsAgarwal, Ravi P.; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2020Quintic non-polynomial spline for time-fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equationDing, Qinxu ; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2009Solutions for singular Volterra integral equationsWong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2012Solvability of three-point boundary value problems at resonance with a p-laplacian on finite and infinite intervalsLian, Hairong.; Yang, Shu.; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
 2012Solving second order boundary value problems by discrete cubic splinesChen, Fengmin; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2016Study on the generalized (p,q)-Laplacian elliptic systems, parabolic systems and integro-differential systemsWei, Li; Agarwal, Ravi P.; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2014Theoretical Studies on the Effects of Dispersal Corridors on the Permanence of Discrete Predator-Prey Models in Patchy EnvironmentWu, Chunqing; Fan, Shengming; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2012Triple positive solutions of BVP for second order ODE with one dimensional laplacian on the half lineLiu, Yuji; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2014Triple solutions of complementary Lidstone boundary value problems via fixed point theoremsWong, Patricia Jia Yiing
2013Unbounded solutions of BVP for second order ODE with p-Laplacian on the half lineLiu, Yuji; Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing