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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Case study of the semiconductor logistics in SingaporeTan, Seng Hor.
2002Characteristics of goods vehicles in SingaporeGoh, Teck Jin.
2016Children’s active trips to school: a review and analysisRojas Lopez, Maria Cecilia; Wong, Yiik Diew
 2023Co-creating consumer logistics from self-collection to crowd-sourced delivery: an examination on contextual differences in last-mileWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Chen, Tianyi; Yuen, Kum Fai
2022Comparing resampling algorithms and classifiers for modeling traffic risk predictionWang, Bo; Zhang, Chi; Wong, Yiik Diew; Hou, Lei; Zhang, Min; Xiang, Yujie
2015Comparison of two simulation approaches to safety assessment : cellular automata and SSAMChai, Chen; Wong, Yiik Diew
 2023Consumer logistics in contemporary shopping: a synthesised reviewWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Chen, Tianyi; Yuen, Kum Fai
 2019Consumer participation in last-mile logistics service : an investigation on cognitions and affectsWang, Xueqin; Yuen, Kum Fai; Wong, Yiik Diew; Teo, Chee-Chong
 2021Contactless channel for shopping and delivery in the context of social distancing in response to COVID-19 pandemicWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Qi, Guanqiu; Yuen, Kum Fai
 2021Contactless technologies adoption during the coronavirus pandemic: a combined technology acceptance and health belief perspectiveLi, Xue; Yuen, Kum Fai; Wang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew
 2019A contingency view of the effects of sustainable shipping exploitation and exploration on business performanceYuen, Kum Fai; Wang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Ma, Fei
 2021Cyclists’ preference study in using four types of cycling facilities in SingaporeChe, Maohao; Secadiningrat, Julius Raditya; Upahita, Dwi Phalita; Wong, Yiik Diew; Lum, Kit Meng
2018Decarbonisation of urban freight transport using electric vehicles and opportunity chargingTeoh, Tharsis; Kunze, Oliver; Teo, Chee-Chong; Wong, Yiik Diew
 2019The determinants of customers’ intention to use smart lockers for last-mile deliveriesYuen, Kum Fai; Wang, Xueqin; Ma, Fei; Wong, Yiik Diew
2018Determinants of job satisfaction and performance of seafarersYuen, Kum Fai; Loh, Hui Shan; Zhou, Qingji; Wong, Yiik Diew
2003Distribution strategies for PC entertainment products : a case study of creative's distribution frameworkTan, Tsui Hsia.
 2023Does consumers’ involvement in e-commerce last-mile delivery change after COVID-19? An investigation on behavioural change, maintenance and habit formationWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Kim, Thai Young; Yuen, Kum Fai
2021Does COVID-19 promote self-service usage among modern shoppers? An exploration of pandemic-driven behavioural changes in self-collection usersWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Yuen, Kum Fai
2004Driver perception response time during the signal change intervalGoh, Pin Kai; Wong, Yiik Diew
2003Driver performance during the traffic signal change intervalGoh, Pin Kai.