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2009Adhesion enhancement of sol–gel coating on polycarbonate by heated impregnation treatmentWu, Linda Y. L.; Boon, L.; Zeng, X. T.; Chen, Zhong
 2012Hierarchical structured sol–gel coating by laser textured template imprinting for surface superhydrophobicityWu, Linda Y. L.; Shao, Qi; Wang, X. C.; Zheng, H. Y.; Wong, Chee Cheong
2017Identifying key factors towards highly reflective silver coatingsZheng, Bo; Wong, Lai Peng; Wu, Linda Y. L.; Chen, Zhong
2010Quantitative test method for evaluation of anti-fingerprint property of coated surfacesXuan, D. T. T.; Wu, Linda Y. L.; Ngian, S. K.; Chen, Zhong
2008Scratch resistance of brittle thin films on compliant substratesWu, Linda Y. L.; Chen, Zhong; Chwa, Edmund; Tham, Otto
2007A study towards improving mechanical properties of sol–gel coatings for polycarbonateWu, Linda Y. L.; Zeng, X. T.; Chwa, Edmund; Chen, Zhong
2006Synthesis and characterization of transparent hydrophobic sol-gel hard coatingsWu, Linda Y. L.; Tan, G. H.; Zeng, X. T.; Li, T. H.; Chen, Zhong
 2013Transparent conductive film by large area roll-to-roll processingWu, Linda Y. L.; Kerk, W. T.; Wong, C. C.