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 2018Construction of an all-solid-state Z-scheme photocatalyst based on graphite carbon nitride and its enhancement to catalytic activityJiang, Longbo; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zeng, Guangming; Liang, Jie; Wu, Zhibin; Wang, Hou
 2018Effective removal of high-chroma rhodamine B over Sn0.215In0.38S/reduced graphene oxide composite : synergistic factors and mechanism of adsorption enrichment and visible photocatalytic degradationWu, Zhibin; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zhong, Hua; Wang, Hou; Jiang, Longbo; Leng, Lijian; Wang, Hui; Zeng, Guangming; Liu, Zhifeng
 2017Highly efficient photocatalytic activity and mechanism of Yb3+/Tm3+ codoped In2S3 from ultraviolet to near infrared light towards chromium (VI) reduction and rhodamine B oxydative degradationWu, Zhibin; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zeng, Guangming; Jiang, Longbo; Zhong, Hua; Xie, Yingcong; Wang, Hui; Chen, Xiaohong; Wang, Hou
 2018In-situ synthesis of direct solid-state dual Z-scheme WO3/g-C3N4/Bi2O3 photocatalyst for the degradation of refractory pollutantJiang, Longbo; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zeng, Guangming; Liang, Jie; Chen, Xiaohong; Yu, Hanbo; Wang, Hou; Wu, Zhibin; Zhang, Jin; Xiong, Ting
 2017Metal-free efficient photocatalyst for stable visible-light photocatalytic degradation of refractory pollutantJiang, Longbo; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zeng, Guangming; Wu, Zhibin; Liang, Jie; Chen, Xiaohong; Leng, Lijian; Wang, Hui; Wang, Hou
 2018Modified stannous sulfide nanoparticles with metal-organic framework : toward efficient and enhanced photocatalytic reduction of chromium (VI) under visible lightXia, Qi; Huang, Binbin; Yuan, Xingzhong; Wang, Hui; Wu, Zhibin; Jiang, Longbo; Xiong, Ting; Zhang, Jin; Zeng, Guangming; Wang, Hou
 2018Near-infrared-driven Cr(vi) reduction in aqueous solution based on a MoS2/Sb2S3 photocatalystYuan, Xingzhong; Wang, Hui; Wang, Junjie; Zeng, Guangming; Chen, Xiaohong; Wu, Zhibin; Jiang, Longbo; Xiong, Ting; Zhang, Jin; Wang, Hou
 2018Nitrogen doped carbon quantum dots mediated silver phosphate/bismuth vanadate Z-scheme photocatalyst for enhanced antibiotic degradationZhang, Jin; Yan, Ming; Yuan, Xingzhong; Si, Mengying; Jiang, Longbo; Wu, Zhibin; Wang, Hou; Zeng, Guangming
 2018Recyclable zero-valent iron activating peroxymonosulfate synchronously combined with thermal treatment enhances sludge dewaterability by altering physicochemical and biological propertiesLi, Yifu; Yuan, Xingzhong; Wang, Dongbo; Wang, Hou; Wu, Zhibin; Jiang, Longbo; Mo, Dan; Yang, Guojing; Guan, Renpeng; Zeng, Guangming
 2018Synthesis and boosting visible light photoactivity of Ag@AgI/CdWO4 towards refractory organic pollutants degradation based on interfacial charge transferYuan, Xingzhong; Wu, Zhibin; Zeng, Guangming; Jiang, Longbo; Zhang, Jin; Xiong, Ting; Wang, Hou; Mo, Dan