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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Private (t,n) threshold searching on streaming dataYi, Xun; Xing, Chaoping
2005Quantum codes from concatenated algebraic-geometric codesChen, Hao; Ling, San; Xing, Chaoping
2014A relation between embedding degrees and class numbers of binary quadratic formsLing, San; Ozdemir, Enver; Xing, Chaoping
2017Subspace designs based on algebraic function fieldsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping; Yuan, Chen
2000Symmetric polynomials and some good codesLing, San; Niederreiter, Harald; Xing, Chaoping
 2013Towards a characterization of subfields of the Deligne–Lusztig function fieldsBassa, Alp; Ma, Liming; Xing, Chaoping; Yeo, Sze Ling
 2013An upper bound on the complexity of multiplication of polynomials modulo a power of an irreducible polynomialKaminski, Michael; Xing, Chaoping