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2021Heuristic cues as perceptual filters : factors influencing public support for nuclear research reactor in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Xiong, Rui; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei
2019Online estimation of power capacity with noise effect attenuation for lithium-ion batteryWei, Zhongbao; Zhao, Jiyun; Xiong, Rui; Dong, Guangzhong; Pou, Josep; Tseng, King Jet
 2018Online monitoring of state of charge and capacity loss for vanadium redox flow battery based on autoregressive exogenous modelingWei, Zhongbao; Xiong, Rui; Lim, Tuti Mariana; Meng, Shujuan; Skyllas-Kazacos, Maria