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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D faces are recognized more accurately and faster than 2D faces, but with similar inversion effectsEng, Derric Zeng Hong; Yick, Yee Ying; Guo, Yulan; Xu, Hong; Reiner, Miriam; Cham, Tat-Jen; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2008Adaptation across the cortical hierarchy : low-level curve adaptation affects high-level facial-expression judgmentsXu, Hong; Dayan, Peter; Lipkin, Richard M.; Qian, Ning
2013Analysis of accuracy in pointing with redundant hand-held tools : a geometric approach to the uncontrolled manifold methodWidjaja, Ferdinan; Xu, Hong; Ang, Wei Tech; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
2016Auditory to Visual Cross-Modal Adaptation for Emotion: Psychophysical and Neural CorrelatesWang, Xiaodong; Guo, Xiaotao; Chen, Lin; Liu, Yijun; Goldberg, Michael E.; Xu, Hong
2018Bilingualism shapes the other race effectBurns, Edwin James; Tree, Jeremy; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan; Xu, Hong
2021Brain hemispheres swap dominance for processing semantically meaningful pitchWang, Xiao-Dong; Xu, Hong; Yuan, Zhen; Luo, Hao; Wang, Ming; Li, Hua-Wei; Chen, Lin
 2022A computational study on the basis for a safe speed limit for bicycles on shared paths considering the severity of pedestrian head injuries in bicyclist-pedestrian collisionsPaudel, Milan; Yap, Fook Fah; Rosli, Tantyana Binte Mohamed; Tan, Kai Hou; Xu, Hong; Vahdati, Nader; Butt, Haider; Shiryayev, Oleg
 2021Do individual differences in face recognition ability moderate the other ethnicity effect?Childs, Michael Jeanne; Jones, Alex; Thwaites, Peter; Zdravković, Sunčica; Thorley, Craig; Suzuki, Atsunobu; Shen, Rachel; Ding, Qi; Burns, Edwin; Xu, Hong; Tree, Jeremy J.
2021Effects of increased cognitive load on field of view in multi-task operations involving surveillanceGoh, Marcus Seng Yuen; Lye, Sun Woh; Sou, Ka Lon; Luo, Chengwen; Xu, Hong
2019Effects of increased cognitive load on field of view in multi-task operations involving surveillanceGoh, Marcus Seng Yuen; Sou, Ka Lon; Lye, Sun Woh; Xu, Hong
2019Ensemble statistics shape face adaptation and the cheerleader effectYing, Haojiang; Burns, Edwin; Lin, Xinyi; Xu, Hong
2021The face of trust: using facial action units (AUs) as indicators of trust in automationChua, Jonathan Soon Kiat; Xu, Hong; Lye, Sun Woh
2015Facial Expression Aftereffect Revealed by Adaption to Emotion-Invisible Dynamic Bubbled FacesLuo, Chengwen; Wang, Qingyun; Schyns, Philippe G.; Kingdom, Frederick A. A.; Xu, Hong
2017Impaired processing of facial happiness, with or without awareness, in developmental prosopagnosiaBurns, Edwin James; Martin, Joel; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan; Xu, Hong
2013A literature review : effects of child maltreatment leading to future delinquency.Foo, Jasmine Yan Ting.; Wong, Cheryl Jia En.; Ng, Angelina Yuet Min.
 2012Multi-level visual adaptation : dissociating curvature and facial-expression aftereffects produced by the same adapting stimuliXu, Hong; Liu, Pan; Dayan, Peter; Qian, Ning
 2012A novel digital IIR filter design strategy : Structure-based discrete coefficient filtersLi, Gang; Lim, Yong Ching; Huang, Chaogeng; Xu, Hong
 2020Perception of attractive and unattractive face groups is driven by distinct spatial frequenciesYing, Haojiang; Cheng, Wenxuan; Deepu Rajan, Nidhi; Xu, Hong
 2014Spiral motion selective neurons in area MSTd contribute to judgments of headingXu, Hong; Wallisch, Pascal; Bradley, David C.
2021A study on factors affecting service quality and loyalty intention in mobile bankingZhou, Qingji; Lim, Fong Jie; Yu, Han; Xu, Gaoqian; Ren, Xiaoyu; Liu, Dan; Wang, Xiangxin; Mai, Xinda; Xu, Hong