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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Disaster coverage by China's radio and television stationsXu, Jun
2014Encapsulation of Au nanoparticles by poly(4-Vinylpyridine)-block-polystyrene-block-poly(4-Vinylpyridine) for controlled chain assemblyLiu, Cuicui; Xu, Jun; Chen, Hongyu
 2012Fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems : an unknown input observer approach with sum-of-squares techniquesXu, Jun; Lum, Kai-Yew; Xie, Lihua; Loh, Ai-Poh
2015Genus-Wide Comparative Genomics of Malassezia Delineates Its Phylogeny, Physiology, and Niche Adaptation on Human SkinWu, Guangxi; Zhao, He; Rajapakse, Menaka Priyadarsani; Wong, Wing Cheong; Xu, Jun; Saunders, Charles W.; Reeder, Nancy L.; Reilman, Raymond A.; Scheynius, Annika; Sun, Sheng; Billmyre, Blake Robert; Li, Wenjun; Averette, Anna Floyd; Mieczkowski, Piotr; Heitman, Joseph; Theelen, Bart; Schröder, Markus S.; De Sessions, Paola Florez; Butler, Geraldine; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian; Boekhout, Teun; Nagarajan, Niranjan; Dawson, Thomas L.; Li, Chenhao
2018Hybrid storage systems : a survey of architectures and algorithmsNiu, Junpeng; Xu, Jun; Xie, Lihua
 2012Improved stability criteria for piecewise affine systems based on partition- and vertex-dependent Lyapunov functionsXu, Jun; Xie, Lihua
2014Multi-agent cooperative target searchHu, Jinwen; Xie, Lihua; Xu, Jun; Xu, Zhao
 2013Preservation of lattice orientation in coalescing imperfectly aligned gold nanowires by a zipper mechanismXu, Jun; Wang, Yawen; Qi, Xiaoying; Liu, Cuicui; He, Jiating; Zhang, Hua; Chen, Hongyu
2014Ultra wideBand indoor position localizaitonXu, Jun
 2012Vision-based multi-agent cooperative target searchHu, Jinwen; Xie, Lihua; Xu, Jun
2011翻译与政治:论“十七年”文化语境中傅雷的翻译活动崔峰 Cui Feng