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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cause, classification of voltage sag, and voltage sag emulators and applications : a comprehensive overviewHan, Yang; Feng, Yu; Yang, Ping; Xu, Lin; Xu, Yan; Blaabjerg, Frede
2017Comparative study in determining features extraction for islanding detection using data mining techniqueAziah Khamis; Xu, Yan; Azah Mohamed
 2020Consensus-based control of hybrid energy storage system with a cascaded multiport converter in DC microgridsWang, Benfei; Wang, Yu; Xu, Yan; Zhang, Xinan; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Ukil, Abhisek; Tan, Xiaojun
2020Constraint optimisation method for the heat transfer in a wavy microchannelXu, Yan
2020Coordinated chance-constrained optimization of multi-energy microgrid system for balancing operation efficiency and quality-of-serviceFang, Sidun; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Lu, Tianguang
 2020Current sensor fault diagnosis and faulttolerant control for single-phase PWM rectifier based on a hybrid model-based and datadriven methodXia, Yang; Xu, Yan; Gou, Bin
 2020Data-driven game-based pricing for sharing rooftop photovoltaic generation and energy storage in the residential building cluster under uncertaintiesXu, Xu; Xu, Yan; Wang, Ming-Hao; Li, Jiayong; Xu, Zhao; Chai, Songjian; He, Yufei
 2018Data-driven load frequency control for stochastic power systems : a deep reinforcement learning method with continuous action searchYan, Ziming; Xu, Yan
 2019A data-driven method for IGBT open-circuit fault diagnosis based on hybrid ensemble learning and sliding-window classificationXia, Yang; Xu, Yan; Gou, Bin
 2019Data-driven robust coordination of generation and demand-side in photovoltaic integrated all-electric ship microgridsFang, Sidun; Xu, Yan; Wen, Shuli; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Hongdong; Liu, Lu
 2020Data-driven robust planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for urban residential car parksYan, Ziming; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Koh, Leong Hai; Go, Jonathan; Liaw, Wee Lin
 2019Decentralised-distributed hybrid voltage regulation of power distribution networks based on power invertersWang, Yu; Xu, Yan; Tang, Yi; Syed, Mazheruddin Hussain; Guillo-Sansano, Efren; Burt, Graeme M.
 2020Deep reinforcement learning-based optimal data-driven control of battery energy storage for power system frequency supportYan, Ziming; Xu, Yan; Wang, Yu; Feng, Xue
 2020Distributed control of heterogeneous energy storage systems in islanded microgrids : finite-time approach and cyber-physical implementationWang, Yu; Tung Lam Nguyen; Xu, Yan; Shi, Donghan
 2020A distributed control scheme of microgrids in energy internet paradigm and its multisite implementationWang, Yu; Nguyen, Tung Lam; Mazheruddin Hussain Syed; Xu, Yan; Guillo-Sansano, Efren; Nguyen, Van-Hoa; Burt, Graeme M.; Tran, Quoc-Tuan; Caire, Raphael
 2020A distributed control scheme of thermostatically controlled loads for the building-microgrid communityWang, Yu; Tang, Yi; Xu, Yan; Xu, Yinliang
 2020A distributed hierarchical control framework in islanded microgrids and its agent-based design for cyber-physical implementationsNguyen, Tung-Lam; Wang, Yu; Tran, Quoc-Tuan; Caire, Raphael; Xu, Yan; Gavriluta, Catalin
 2020Distributed resilient control for energy storage systems in cyber-physical microgridsDeng, Chao; Wang, Yu; Wen, Changyun; Xu, Yan; Lin, Pengfeng
 2020An ensemble learning-based data-driven method for online state-of-health estimation of lithium-ion batteriesGou, Bin; Xu, Yan; Feng, Xue
2022Exploring the spatiotemporal evolution and sustainable driving factors of information flow network: a public search attention perspectiveMa, Fei; Zhu, Yujie; Yuen, Kum Fai; Sun, Qipeng; He, Haonan; Xu, Xiaobo; Shang, Zhen; Xu, Yan