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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Negative thermal Hall conductance in a two-dimer Shastry-Sutherland model with a π-flux Dirac triplonSun, Hao; Sengupta, Pinaki; Nam, Donguk; Yang, Bo
 2011Numerical analyses of steel beam–column joints subjected to catenary actionTan, Kang Hai; Yang, Bo
2004Report on industrial attachment with United Test & Assembly Center Limited (UTAC)Yang, Bo
2011Shape-controlled micro/nanostructures of 9,10-diphenylanthracene (DPA) and their application in light-emitting devicesYang, Bo; Xiao, Jinchong; Wong, Jen It; Guo, Jun; Wu, Yuechao; Ong, Lijin; Lao, Luciana Lisa; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Zhang, Hua; Yang, Hui Ying; Zhang, Qichun
2011Synthesis, characterization, self-assembly, and physical properties of 11-Methylbenzo[d]pyreno[4,5- b]furanXiao, Jinchong; Yang, Bo; Wong, Jen It; Liu, Yi; Wei, Fengxia; Tan, Ke Jie; Teng, Xue; Wu, Yuechao; Huang, Ling; Kloc, Christian; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Ma, Jan; Zhang, Hua; Yang, Hui Ying; Zhang, Qichun
2018Three-body interactions in generic fractional quantum Hall systems and impact of Galilean invariance breakingYang, Bo
2012Wireless communication framework implementation and optimization for STATINA touch interface engineYang, Bo