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2018Contrast-enhanced photoacoustic imaging in the second near-infrared window using semiconducting polymer nanoparticlesUpputuri, Paul Kumar; Yang, Cangjie; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Kai; Wang, Mingfeng; Pramanik, Manojit
2017Development of red/near-infrared fluorescent molecules and macromolecules for biomedical applicationsYang, Cangjie
2017Multifunctional polymeric micelles loaded with doxorubicin and poly(dithienyl-diketopyrrolopyrrole) for near-infrared light-controlled chemo-phototherapy of cancer cellsLiu, Hui; Wang, Kai; Yang, Cangjie; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Mingfeng
 2018Near-infrared fluorescent pyrrolopyrrole cyanine derivatives and colloidal nanoparticles with tunable optical properties for in vivo bioimagingHuang, Shuo; Yang, Cangjie; Huang, Jing; Wang, Xiaochen; Wang, Mingfeng
2017Near-Infrared Light-Responsive Semiconductor Polymer Composite Hydrogels: Spatial/Temporal-Controlled Release via a Photothermal “Sponge” EffectWu, Yingjie; Wang, Kai; Huang, Shuo; Yang, Cangjie; Wang, Mingfeng
2017Robust Colloidal Nanoparticles of Pyrrolopyrrole Cyanine J-Aggregates with Bright Near-Infrared Fluorescence in Aqueous Media: From Spectral Tailoring to Bioimaging ApplicationsYang, Cangjie; Wang, Xiaochen; Wang, Mingfeng; Xu, Keming; Xu, Chenjie
 2018Self-assembly of three-dimensional CdS nanosphere/graphene networks for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionWang, Zhijian; Liu, Zhi; Chen, Jiazang; Yang, Hongbin; Luo, Jianqiang; Gao, Jiajian; Zhang, Junming; Yang, Cangjie; Jia, Suping; Liu, Bin
2016Theranostic unimolecular micelles of highly fluorescent conjugated polymer bottlebrushes for far red/near infrared bioimaging and efficient anticancer drug deliveryYang, Cangjie; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Xiaochen; Wang, Mingfeng
 2017Tunable Förster resonance energy transfer in colloidal nanoparticles composed of polycaprolactone-tethered donors and acceptors : enhanced near-infrared emission and compatibility for in vitro and in vivo bioimagingYang, Cangjie; Wang, Xiaochen; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Mingfeng
2016Unimolecular Micelles of Amphiphilic Cyclodextrin-Core Star-Like Copolymers with Covalent pH-Responsive Linkage of Anticancer ProdrugsJia, Tao; Huang, Shuo; Yang, Cangjie; Wang, Mingfeng