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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Etched glass bubbles as robust micro-containers for self-healing materialsZhang, He; Yang, Jinglei
 2018Flexible electrochromic materials based on CNT/PDA hybridsHansen, Reinack Varghese; Yang, Jinglei; Zheng, Lianxi
 2015Improved chemical stability of silver by selective distribution of silver particles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheetsTang, Xiu-Zhi; Chen, Xuelong; Wu, Gang; Hu, Xiao; Yang, Jinglei
 2021Mechanical response of shear thickening fluid filled composite subjected to different strain ratesZhang, Xin; Wang, Pengfei; Kurkin, Anatoli; Chen, Qian; Gong, Xinglong; Zhang, Zhong; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Jinglei
 2018Microencapsulated phase change materials with composite titania-polyurea (TiO2-PUA) shellZhao, Aiqin; An, Jinliang; Yang, Jinglei; Yang, En-Hua
2017Modification of the contact surfaces for improving the puncture resistance of laminar structuresWang, Pengfei; Yang, Jinglei; Li, Xin; Liu, Mao; Zhang, Xin; Sun, Dawei; Bao, Chenlu; Gao, Guangfa; Yahya, Mohd Yazid; Xu, Songlin
2019Optimization of shear thickening fluid encapsulation technique and dynamic response of encapsulated capsules and polymeric compositeZhang, Xin; Zhang, He; Wang, Pengfei; Chen, Qian; Li, Xin; Zhou, Youjin; Gong, Xinglong; Zhang, Zhong; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Jinglei
2014Path-independent digital image correlation with high accuracy, speed and robustnessJiang, Zhenyu; Kemao, Qian; Miao, Hong; Yang, Jinglei; Tang, Liqun
2018Rate dependent behaviors of nickel-based microcapsulesZhang, Xin; Wang, Pengfei; Sun, Dawei; Li, Xin; Yu, T. X.; Yang, En-Hua; Yang, Jinglei
 2019Robust metallic microcapsules : a direct path to new multifunctional materialsSun, Dawei; Zhang, He; Zhang, Xin; Yang, Jinglei
 2019Robust multifunctional microcapsules with antibacterial and anticorrosion featuresChong, Yong Bing; Sun, Dawei; Zhang, Xin; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
2014Self-healing epoxy via epoxy–amine chemistry in dual hollow glass bubblesZhang, He; Wang, Pengfei; Yang, Jinglei
 2014Short carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy tribomaterials self-lubricated by wax containing microcapsulesTang, Xiu-zhi; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei; Khun, Nay Win; Zhang, He
2016Single-Step Process toward Achieving Superhydrophobic Reduced Graphene OxideLi, Zhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi; Zhu, Wenyu; Thompson, Brianna C.; Huang, Mingyue; Yang, Jinglei; Hu, Xiao; Khor, Khiam Aik
 2019Skin-inspired, fully autonomous self-warning and self-repairing polymeric material under damaging eventsZhang, He; Zhang, Xin; Bao, Chenlu; Li, Xin; Duan, Fei; Friedrich, Klaus; Yang, Jinglei
 2013Surface microstructures and epoxy bonded shear strength of Ti6Al4V alloy anodized at various temperaturesHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yu, Bin; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
 2014Surface modifications of Ti alloy with tunable hierarchical structures and chemistry for improved metal–polymer interface used in deepwater composite riserHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yang, Jinglei
 2013Synthesis of graphene decorated with silver nanoparticles by simultaneous reduction of graphene oxide and silver ions with glucoseTang, Xiu-Zhi; Li, Xiaofeng; Cao, Zongwei; Yang, Jinglei; Wang, Huan; Pu, Xue; Yu, Zhong-Zhen
 2012Synthesis of organic silane microcapsules for self-healing corrosion resistant polymer coatingsHuang, Mingxing; Zhang, He; Yang, Jinglei
 2018Thermomechanical performance of cheetah skin carbon nanotube embedded composite : isothermal and non-isothermal investigationShirvanimoghaddam, Kamyar; Polisetti, Bhargav; Dasari, Aravind; Yang, Jinglei; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Naebe, Minoo