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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Impact of programming mechanisms on the performance and reliability of nonvolatile memory devices based on Si nanocrystalsNg, Chi Yung; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Ming; Yang, Jian Bo; Ding, Liang; Li, Chang Ming; Du, A.; Trigg, Alastair David
2007Influence of charge trapping on electroluminescence from Si-nanocrystal light emitting structureLiu, Yang; Chen, Tupei; Ding, Liang; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Ng, Chi Yung; Yu, Siu Fung; Li, Zeng Xiang; Yuen, Chau; Zhu, Fu Rong; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen; Tan, M. C.
2008Influence of nanocrystal distribution on electroluminescence from Si+-implanted SiO2 thin filmsDing, Liang; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Ming; Zhu, Fu Rong
2007Influence of nanocrystal size on optical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 synthesized by Si ion implantationTan, M. C.; Ding, Liang; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen; Liu, Yu Chan; Zhu, Fu Rong; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Yang; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Trigg, Alastair David
2006Influence of Si nanocrystal distributed in the gate oxide on the MOS capacitanceZhao, P.; Yang, X. H.; Ng, Chi Yung; Chen, Tupei; Ding, Liang; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Tse, Man Siu; Trigg, Alastair David; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2008Light-induced instability in current conduction of aluminum nitride thin films embedded with Al nanocrystalsLiu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Yang; Ding, Liang; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Cen, Zhan Hong; Li, Yibin; Zhang, Sam; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2009Optical transmission and photoluminescence of silicon nitride thin films implanted with Si ionsYe, J. D.; Ding, Liang; Liu, Yang; Wong, Jen It; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen; Cen, Zhan Hong; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Zhen; Yang, Ming
2017Optogenetics-Mediated Targeted Recording from Adult-Born Granule Cells in the Dentate Gyrus of Behaving MiceYang, Ming
2007Photon-induced conduction modulation in SiO2 thin films embedded with Ge nanocrystalsTan, M. C.; Ding, Liang; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Liu, Yang; Yu, Siu Fung; Zhu, Fu Rong; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen; Tung, Chih Hang; Trigg, Alastair David
2019POD-based data mining of turbulent flows in front of and on top of smooth and roughness-resolved forward-facing stepsYang, Shaoqiong; Wu, Yanhua; Song, Yang; Wang, Yanhui; Yang, Ming
 2012Resistive switching behavior of partially anodized aluminum thin film at elevated temperaturesZhu, Wei; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Ming; Liu, Yang; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2008Room-temperature visible electroluminescence from aluminum nitride thin film embedded with aluminum nanocrystalsYang, Ming; Liu, Yang; Ding, Liang; Wong, Jen It; Liu, Zhen; Zhang, Sam; Zhang, Wali; Zhu, Fu Rong; Chen, Tupei
2006Simulation of flash memory characteristics based on discrete nanoscale siliconNew, C. L.; Khor, T. S.; Wong, Jen It; Yang, Ming; Chen, Tupei; Ng, Chi Yung
2020Sizing AC/DC building distribution network part IYang, Ming
2009Strong violet and green-yellow electroluminescence from silicon nitride thin films multiply implanted with Si ionsDing, Liang; Liu, Yang; Chen, Tupei; Cen, Zhan Hong; Wong, Jen It; Yang, Ming; Liu, Zhen; Goh, Wei Peng; Zhu, Fu Rong; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2010Studies of electrical and optoelectronic properties of Ge-ion-implanted SiO2 thin filmsYang, Ming