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2018Boosting the throughput of LED-camera VLC via composite light emissionYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun
 2018Counting via LED sensing : inferring occupancy using lighting infrastructureYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun; Hao, Jie; Pan, Sinno Jialin
2018Energy efficient sensing and networking : a visible light perspectiveYang, Yanbing
2019Flexible-rate SIC-free NOMA for downlink VLC based on constellation partitioning codingChen, Chen; Zhong, Wen-De; Yang, Helin; Du, Pengfei; Yang, Yanbing
2019LED nonlinearity estimation and compensation in VLC systems using probabilistic bayesian learningChen, Chen; Deng, Xiong; Yang, Yanbing; Du, Pengfei; Yang, Helin; Zhao, Lifan
2018Secure and private NOMA VLC using OFDM with two-level chaotic encryptionYang, Yanbing; Chen, Chen; Zhang, Wei; Deng, Xiong; Du, Pengfei; Yang, Helin; Zhong, Wen-De; Chen, Liangyin
2018Visible light based occupancy inference using ensemble learningHao, Jie; Yuan, Xiaoming; Yang, Yanbing; Wang, Ran; Zhuang, Yi; Luo, Jun