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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2015On the origin and underappreciated effects of ion doping in silicaSong, Xiaohui; Ding, Tao; Yao, Lin; Lin, Ming; Lee, Rachel Siew Tan; Liu, Cuicui; Sokol, Katarzyna; Yu, Le; Lou, David Xiong Wen; Chen, Hongyu
 2014Strategy for nano-catalysis in a fixed-bed systemYao, Lin; Wang, Yawen; Khezri, Bahareh; He, Jiating; Ji, Weijie; Webster, Richard D.; Chen, Hongyu
2014The synthesis of hollow silica nanostructures by co-assembly of silica and surfactantsYao, Lin
 2014Understanding the phase emergence of mesoporous silicaYao, Lin; Liu, Cuicui; Chong, Wen Han; Wang, Hong; Chen, Liyong; Chen, Hongyu