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 2018Abrasion wear analysis in running shoes using a gridded methodology with CIE-L-a-b colour identificationLim, Glen Chun Yee; Yeo, Joon Hock; Nishiwaki, Tsuyoshi; Moriyasu, Kenta; Harano, Kenichi
2015Badminton shuttlecock stability : modelling and simulating the angular response of the turnoverLin, Calvin Shenghuai; Chua, Chee Kai; Yeo, Joon Hock
1999CFD study and experimental verification of steady flow in Bi-leaflet heart valve hingeWang, Junhong.
2001Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of mechanical heart valueTai, Siew Hoong
1999Development and investigation of bileaflet heart valve prosthesesRamesh Veerappan
2003Dynamics of the mitral valveLim, Khee Hiang.
2001Experimental investigation of mechanical heart valve cavitationXu, Lijun.
1998Experimental investigation of pulsating and rotating flowsYu, Simon Ching Man; Liu, Chang Yu; Chan, W. K.; Yeo, Joon Hock
1994Experimental studies of flow in forced lobed mixerTeh, Kar Lam.
2020In vitro assessment of the impacts of leaflet design on the hemodynamic characteristics of ePTFE pulmonary prosthetic valvesZhu, Guangyu; Wei, Yuan; Yuan, Qi; Cai, Li; Nakao, Masakazu; Yeo, Joon Hock
1998Investigation of mechanical heart valve under physiological conditionJiang, Yong
2002Mechanics of aortic heart valveLim, Hou Sen
2002Numerical and experimental study of pulsatile flow in bi-leaflet mechanical heart valvesShi , Yubing.
2019Numerical and in-vitro experimental assessment of the performance of a novel designed expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene stentless bi-leaflet valve for aortic valve replacementMunirah Ismail; Zhu, Guangyu; Nakao, Masakazu; Yuan, Qi; Yeo, Joon Hock
2019PIV investigation of the flow fields in subject-specific vertebro-basilar (VA-BA) junctionZhu, Guangyu; Wei, Yuan; Yuan, Qi; Yang, Jian; Yeo, Joon Hock
2015The role of the circle of Willis in internal carotid artery stenosis and anatomical variations: a computational study based on a patient-specific three-dimensional modelZhu, Guangyu; Yuan, Qi; Yang, Jian; Yeo, Joon Hock
2001Transient contour assessment for bioprosthetic heart valveGong, Mufei.