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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017A highly efficient oxygen evolution catalyst consisting of interconnected nickel–iron-layered double hydroxide and carbon nanodomainsYin, Shengming; Tu, Wenguang; Sheng, Yuan; Du, Yonghua; Kraft, Markus; Borgna, Armando; Xu, Rong
2017Interface engineering towards transition metal based nanocomposites for water splittingYin, Shengming
 2018Rational design of catalytic centers in crystalline frameworksTu, Wenguang; Xu, You; Yin, Shengming; Xu, Rong
2015Recent progress in g-C3N4 based low cost photocatalytic system: activity enhancement and emerging applicationsYin, Shengming; Han, Jianyu; Zhou, Tianhua; Xu, Rong