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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Generalized metamaterials: Definitions and taxonomyKim, Noori; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Allen, Jont B.
 2015Halide-ion-assisted synthesis of different α-Fe2O3 hollow structures and their lithium-ion storage propertiesMa, Ruguang; Wang, Man; Dam, Duc Tai; Dong, Yucheng; Chen, Yu; Moon, Seung Ki; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Lee, Jong-Min
 2012High sensitive dielectric filled Lamé mode mass sensorHeidari, Amir; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Park, Mi Kyoung; Park, Woo-Tae; Tsai, Julius Ming-Lin
 2013Highly sensitive Mach–Zehnder interferometer biosensor based on silicon nitride slot waveguideLiu, Qing; Tu, Xiaoguang; Kim, Kyung Woo; Kee, Jack Sheng; Shin, Yong; Han, Kyungsup; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Lo, Guo-Qiang; Park, Mi Kyoung
2021Hygroscopic properties of particulate matter and effects of their interactions with weather on visibilityWon, Wan-Sik; Oh, Rosy; Lee, Woojoo; Ku, Sungkwan; Su, Pei-Chen; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2020Impact of fine particulate matter on visibility at Incheon International Airport, South KoreaWon, Wan-Sik; Oh, Rosy; Lee, Woojoo; Kim, Ki-Young; Ku, Sungkwan; Su, Pei-Chen; Yoon, Yong-Jin
 2012Intracochlear fluid pressure and cochlear input impedance from push-pull amplification modelYoon, Yong-Jin; Baek, Jong Dae; Shin, Choongsoo; Lee, Joo Hyun
2021Load resistance optimization of a magnetically coupled two-degree-of-freedom bistable energy harvester considering third-harmonic distortion in forced oscillationNoh, Jinhong; Kim, Pilkee; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2016Low-cost, disposable microfluidics device for blood plasma extraction using continuously alternating paramagnetic and diamagnetic capture modesKim, Pilkee; Ong, Eng Hui; Li, King Ho Holden; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Ng, Sum Huan Gary; Puttachat, Khuntontong
2017Lowering the potential barrier of a bistable energy harvester with mechanically rectified motion of an auxiliary magnet oscillatorNguyen, Minh Sang; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Kwon, Ojin; Kim, Pilkee
 2022Machine learning-assisted optimization of TBBPA-bis-(2,3-dibromopropyl ether) extraction process from ABS polymerWan, Yan; Zeng, Qiang; Shi, Pujiang; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Tay, Chor Yong; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Mechanism of bone-conducted hearing : mathematical approachChan, Wei Xuan; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Kim, Namkeun
2016Morphology effect of the ZnO surface via organic etchants for photon extraction in III-nitride emittersSu, Pei-Chen; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Oh, S.; Kim, S.; Shin, S.-C.; Lee, K. J.; Kim, S.-J.; Choi, H.; Park, S.-J.; Kim, K.-K.
 2012A novel checker-patterned AlN MEMS resonator as gravimetric sensorLee, Man I.; Heidari, Amir; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Khine, Lynn; Park, Mi Kyoung; Tsai, Julius Ming-Lin
2018Numerical study on electrochemical performance of low-temperature micro-solid oxide fuel cells with submicron platinum electrodesYoon, Yong-Jin; Su, Pei-Chen; Park, Jee Min; Kim, Dae Yun; Baek, Jong Dae; Lee, Seong Hyuk
 2014Rapid and label-free amplification and detection assay for genotyping of cancer biomarkerShin, Yong; Yoon, Jaeyun; Promoda Perera, Agampodi; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Park, Mi Kyoung; Soo, Ross A.
2015Real-time precision pedestrian navigation solution using Inertial Navigation System and Global Positioning SystemYoon, Yong-Jin; Li, King Ho Holden; Lee, Jiahe Steven; Park, Woo-Tae
2015A review on 3D printed bioimplantsHo, Chee Meng Benjamin; Ng, Sum Huan; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2021A rotationally focused flow (RFF) microfluidic biosensor by density difference for early-stage detectable diagnosisKim, Noori; Han, Kyungsup; Su, Pei-Chen; Kim, Insup; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2013Silicon-based optoelectronic integrated circuit for label-free bio/chemical sensorSong, Junfeng; Luo, Xianshu; Kee, Jack Sheng; Han, Kyungsup; Li, Chao; Park, Mi Kyoung; Tu, Xiaoguang; Zhang, Huijuan; Fang, Qing; Jia, Lianxi; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Liow, Tsung-Yang; Yu, Mingbin; Lo, Guo-Qiang