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2005Characterization of partial discharge pulses of power generatorYu, Ming
 2012Fault detection isolation and estimation in a vehicle steering systemYu, Ming; Arogeti, Shai A.; Wang, Danwei; Low, Chang Boon
 2012Fault detection, isolation and identification for hybrid systems with unknown mode changes and fault patternsYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei; Luo, Ming; Zhang, Danhong; Chen, Qijun
2012Fault diagnosis and prognosis of hybrid systems using bond graph models and computational intelligenceYu, Ming
2013Model-based health monitoring for a vehicle steering system with multiple faults of unknown typesYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei
 2012Prediction of multiple failures for a mobile robot steering systemYu, Ming; Wang, Danwei; Chen, Qijun
 2012Sensor placement for fault diagnosis using genetic algorithmChi, Guoyi; Wang, Danwei; Yu, Ming; Alavi, Marjan; Le, Tung; Luo, Ming
 2012Sensor selection and placement using low complexity dynamic programmingChi, Guoyi; Le, Tung; Wang, Danwei; Yu, Ming; Luo, Ming
2016Shipping is a people's business (tanker market)Yu, Ming
 2012Weight-varying neural network for parameter identification of automatic vehicleHuang, Lei; Shi, Yikai; Yuan, Xiaoqing; Wang, Danwei; Yu, Ming