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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Max-margin structured output regression for spatio-temporal action localizationTran, Du; Yuan, Junsong
2014mCENTRIST : a multi-channel feature generationXiao, Yang; Wu, Jianxin; Yuan, Junsong
2012Middle-level representation for human activities recognition : the role of spatio-temporal relationshipsYuan, Fei; Prinet, V´eronique; Yuan, Junsong
2012Mining actionlet ensemble for action recognition with depth camerasWang, Jiang; Liu, Zicheng; Wu, Ying; Yuan, Junsong
2011Mining visual collocation patterns via self-supervised subspace learningYuan, Junsong; Wu, Ying
2014Multi-feature spectral clustering with minimax optimizationWang, Hongxing; Weng, Chaoqun; Yuan, Junsong
 2012Object tracking via online metric learningCong, Yang; Yuan, Junsong; Tang, Yandong
2013Ocular disease diagnosis from retinal imagesZhang, Jielin
2018One-stop measurement model for fast and accurate tensor display characterizationSurman, Phil; Wang, Shizheng; Yuan, Junsong; Zheng, Yuanjin
2015Optimizing Inter-server Communication for Online Social NetworksTang, Jing; Tang, Xueyan; Yuan, Junsong
 2016Parsing 3D motion trajectory for gesture recognitionYang, Jianyu; Yuan, Junsong; Li, Youfu
2016Person Reidentification Using Multiple Egocentric ViewsChakraborty, Anirban; Mandal, Bappaditya; Yuan, Junsong
2016Profit Maximization for Viral Marketing in Online Social NetworksTang, Jing; Tang, Xueyan; Yuan, Junsong
2012Propagative Hough voting for human activity recognitionYu, Gang; Yuan, Junsong; Liu, Zicheng
2012Randomized spatial partition for scene recognitionJiang, Yuning; Yuan, Junsong; Yu, Gang
2012Randomized visual phrases for object searchJiang, Yuning; Meng, Jingjing; Yuan, Junsong
2018Real-time 3D hand pose estimation from depth imagesGe, Liuhao
2018Real-time 3D hand pose estimation with 3D convolutional neural networksGe, Liuhao; Liang, Hui; Yuan, Junsong; Thalmann, Daniel
2018Recognizing human actions as the evolution of pose estimation mapsLiu, Mengyuan; Yuan, Junsong
2016Representative Selection with Structured SparsityWang, Hongxing; Kawahara, Yoshinobu; Weng, Chaoqun; Yuan, Junsong