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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bimetallic silver-gold film waveguide surface plasmon resonance sensorOng, Biow Hiem; Yuan, Xiaocong; Tjin, Swee Chuan
2007Biosensor based on two-dimensional photonic latticeIrawan, Rudi; Zhang, Dianwen; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Yuan, Xiaocong
2003Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements for laser beam shapingYe, Jianyu.
2005Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements for micro-beam shapingTao, Shaohua
2005Design and fabrication of microoptical elements in sol-gel glass for photonics applicationsYu, Weixing
2013Detection of microscope-excited surface plasmon polaritons with Rayleigh scattering from metal nanoparticlesDu, Luping; Tang, Dingyuan; Yuan, Xiaocong
2004Development and application of hybrid SOL-GEL materials for microopticsJiang, Hongjin
2004Development and characterization of a surface plasmon resonance sensorTan, Yen Geow.
2003Development of deep submicron HEMT MMIC for millimetre-wave applicationsNg, Geok Eng; Yuan, Xiaocong; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Radhakrishnan, K.; Law, Choi Look; Ooi, Boon Siew; Prasad Krishnamachar
2001Development of planar imaging optics visorYuan, Xiaocong; Chan, Yuen Chuen; Kam, Chan Hin; Ooi, Boon Siew; Zhou, Yan; Lam, Yee Loy
2012Dynamic generation of plasmonic Moiré fringes using phase-engineered optical vortex beamYuan, Guanghui; Wang, Qian; Yuan, Xiaocong
2013Emission pattern of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from single nanoparticle-film junctionDu, Luping; Tang, Dingyuan; Yuan, Guanghui; Wei, Shibiao; Yuan, Xiaocong
2002Fabrication & development of photonic devices & systemsTam, Siu Chung; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Yuan, Xiaocong; Lam, Yee Loy
2005Fabrication of efficient micro- axicon by direct electron beam lithography for long non- diffracting distance of bessel beamsZhang, Lesheng
2004Frabrication of microlens array in sol-gel glassTan, Chee Wee.
2004Integral imaging using microlens arrayChen, Yii Wei.
2013Mapping plasmonic near-field profiles and interferences by surface-enhanced Raman scatteringDu, Luping; Lei, Dang Yuan; Yuan, Guanghui; Fang, Hui; Zhang, Xi; Wang, Qian; Tang, Dingyuan; Min, Changjun; Maier, Stefan A.; Yuan, Xiaocong
2008Micro-optical elements for beam-shaping and optical manipulation : fabrication and experimentsCheong, Wai Chye.
 2011New structures and materials for next generation photonic technologyMei, T.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tang, Dingyuan; Yuan, Xiaocong; Chen, Tupei
2004Numerical study of negative refraction with metamaterials and photonic crystalsLandobasa Yosef Mario Alexander Lumban Tobing.