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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Simultaneously efficient adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by Fe-based MOFsWang, Dongbo; Jia, Feiyue; Wang, Hou; Chen, Fei; Fang, Ying; Dong, Wenbo; Zeng, Guangming; Li, Xiaoming; Yang, Qi; Yuan, Xingzhong
 2018Synthesis and boosting visible light photoactivity of Ag@AgI/CdWO4 towards refractory organic pollutants degradation based on interfacial charge transferYuan, Xingzhong; Wu, Zhibin; Zeng, Guangming; Jiang, Longbo; Zhang, Jin; Xiong, Ting; Wang, Hou; Mo, Dan
 2019Tailored indium sulfide-based materials for solar-energy conversion and utilizationZhang, Jingjing; Wang, Hou; Yuan, Xingzhong; Zeng, Guangming; Tu, Wenguang; Wang, Sibo
 2018Visible-light-driven removal of tetracycline antibiotics and reclamation of hydrogen energy from natural water matrices and wastewater by polymeric carbon nitride foamWang, Hou; Wu, Yan; Feng, Mingbao; Tu, Wenguang; Xiao, Tong; Xiong, Ting; Ang, Huixiang; Yuan, Xingzhong; Chew, Jia Wei